Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The gods are too fond of a joke

Last night was amazing TV. This is not April Fool's. Let's start with Greek. I love this show mainly because its great for a large audience. The major storyline of this episode of Greek is the Great Gatsby Party where the Dean is there. I love the retro story of the Prohibition era attempting to dodge authority due to having alcohol. The lead characters are holding two parties one which is dry and just a front and the downstairs which is a speak easy. All of them are in costume and I thought it was just hilarious that this storyline can be used on college campuses now. Now for the best moment...its legendary! Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off is the dean! I leaped out of my seat as Ashleigh has a conversation with Cameron (I don't care about the actor's name nor his name on the show) about how Ferris Bueller is the the Great Gatsby of our generation! I got so excited about this it was sickening. I sickened myself! I know, it should happen more often but doesn't.
Now for the second great moment of TV last night, How I Met Your Mother is the funniest show on TV when the Office isn't around and at times it does give it a run for its money. Last night was a great episode but what made it amazing was at the end of the episode NPH (Neil Patrick Harris to the uninformed) did a Doogie Howser computer segment ending with "what I learned about myself is....I'm awesome." I seriously was cheering as I watched the dvred episode.

1. Now I'm kinda pissed, I caught part of the Daily Show last night. Jon Stewar
t is money but he had a great segment how success in the Iraq is when violence is rising and when its falling according to the White House apparently. Its kinda funny when you see the clip. But it made me angry because the White House is still full of shit. I honestly am horrified that there are people who think things will be different if they voted for McCain. He's exactly the same. Around 30 % approve of the President and around 42 % are supporting McCain. So 30% are complete morons and 12% are in denial morons.

2. I saw a puppet show where a
Hamas puppet video where a Palestinian boy blames Israel and the US for the death of his family and then proceeds to stab the President Bush puppet with the sword of Islam. It is noted that the President repents and agrees to convert to Islam. The boy after stabbing the President then claims the goal is to make the White House a mosque. This is why we aren't winning in the world. We have no communication with the Muslim world of any meaningful value outside of blowing up Iraq, torturing Muslims, continued support of ineffectual Palestinian/Israeli policies, and a remarkable amount of bad policies.

3. Baseball is back! I love the sport. So when President Bush threw out the first pitch at the Nats opener for their new stadium, I'm actually okay with it. However, I did love that P
resident Bush aka Bubble President had to feel what a nonvetted worshiping crowd was like. I don't think I've seen someone booed that heavily by that many people in some time. What does that say about the status of President Bush? To think there are people who will support Senator McCain who is Bush III.

4. So Tammy Baldwin is the only gay woman in Congress. Congress allows for members to take along spouses to fact finding missions....so...you see the problem when Tammy Baldwin is going to take her partner on a mission and then the military blocks it... absolutely ridiculous. Nancy Pelosi intervened with Secretary Gates to fix it. Even Republicans were okay with Baldwin bringing in her spouse. Not sure if this is a "Don't ask don't tell" Pentagon problem or from another segment of the Executive Branch. I've heard both.

5. Mike Myers has a new movie coming out this summer called the "Love Gur
u." Apparently, he didn't get the memo that people are very tired of the Borat impressions. This movie is about an Indian love guru. Second best in India...yeah Mike Myers needs to do Wayne's World again...okay maybe he's a bit old...So I Married an Axe Murder 2?

6. What the hell happened to Lara Flynn Boyle's face? She was on Law and Order a few weeks ago and I remember just not being able to look at the screen when she was
on and she was supposed to be a sexy, scheming reporter.

This is a comparison photo. Now and 2001
She was cute when she was on the Practice though if you opened a window, she'll float away.

7. REM has a new album out and apparently its amazing. I've got it back home so I'll listen to it then but good for them. As part of my I'm stuck in another era bit, REM and U2 are bands I love and REM has fallen off for a bit. Also the Raconteurs have a new album out that I really like. I'm going to see them with my brother aka Feebleman at the end of May.

8. Barack Obama is a terrible bowler. I feel I need a few drinks in me and I'm decent. I think I have an in for the campaign. I wonder if Hillary Clinton can bowl? I'm pretty sure McCain can't physically.

9. Battlestar Galactica is back this week! Best show on TV. Seriously, not even close to joking. Go buy the DVDs and reward yourself for having some taste.

10. I want to see Leatherheads still this week. Anyone want in?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WINSTON! Winston, the Basset Hound turned 10 today!

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