Friday, March 28, 2008

Love your madness, please go on.

So its been a bit. I've had a ton of work. So its Friday and no I'm not in love...Anyway, this week saw the return of one of my favorite shows of the new shows of last year came back. Greek. Yes, I do really enjoy the show as do many of my friends. I was in the Greek system at AU. Apparently, I'm always supposed to be a Greek. Well, that I'm not too sure of that but many of my friends are from my time in Greek life. I don't think of them as Greeks and I don't really see as many brothers anymore. Anyway, Greek is back and enjoyable. Yes, Spencer Grammer and Dilshad Vadsaria are eye candy on an extraordinary level. Dibs for those wondering. The show really is a lot of fun for those who really liked Superbad. I feel many of my friends would make good Kappa Taus which I find funny. Go watch. The DVD season 1 is really cheap.

1. So how about that unending primary season? Should we start calling it a secondary after Super Tuesday happened? How about tertiary for this point? I really want it to end soon. There really isn't a chance that Hillary can statistically enter the convention leading. She's hoping that Obama has a dead hooker in his brief case I guess. I've been making Bosnia sniper jokes all week about Hillary's wacky memory. I really do think there should be a skit of Hillary talking about how she saved LA from a nuclear weapon and someone says, Senator Clinton that was season 1 of 24 not you. Then she starts talking that she made a mistake and then proceeds to describe season 3 of 24. Maybe she retells Die Hard.

2. Have you noticed we label our candidates by ethnicity, skin color, gender, and sanity (Mike Gravel, Dennis Kucinich, 85% of the Republican field) but not age? Seriously, McCain is 72 years old. He gave a speech talking about that he was five when he heard about Pearl Harbor happening. I mean, really? I mean, even Reagan wasn't as old as McCain is when he became president. Americans are voting for a VP if they vote for McCain.

3. John McCain and Hillary Clinton aren't that great on the economy. McCain is border line stupid actually using vague notions and laughing to himself that he doesn't know anything about the economy so there's that. Hillary Clinton wants to put together a group headed by Alan Greenspan to fix the economy. Umm...Yeah...Alan Greenspan is part of the problem. Some call him the architect of the current situation. Not a good idea. This isn't the 90s. I love the 90s but don't think you can push the reset button. Until we have a flux capacitor, we're not going back to the 90s...though that'd be awesome.

4. FAUX Suffering! Some think I enjoy Faux feeling antiquated. That should be everyone. Maybe they need to become a real news station instead of an ad in the Starship Troopers movie. Faux is tabloid journalism at its worst because I know the tabloids at least know what they are. Faux is just a monster. Yeah I said it. Monster! AHHHH! Real Monsters! Okay I'll stop.

5. I finally watched How I Met Your Mother that had Britney Spears. I actually thought it was really good. Reviewers are liking it too but I actually attribute it to people finally watching the show because it is the most funny show on TV next to the Office but it rivals that at times. Britney Spears played this clingy crazy...holy god that wasn't acting. Watch for the Ted gets a mustache part. I nearly died mainly because I've had ideas on that.

6. Here is yet another example on why Jon Stewart is better than all of us. He's been quietly visiting wounded veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan War. Bill O'Reilly tells the whole world about his support. Most of these loud mouthed pundits like to do that with all the chutzpah they can muster. Jon Stewart does it on his own and doesn't need to.

7. The Bear Stearns CEO dumped his stock and got 61.3 million from it. John Edwards liked talking about two Americas. Tell me that isn't two Americas. Bear Stearn survives the Great Depression, World War 2, the Cold War, and is brought down during the Bush Economy of Piss on you Economics. The Bear Stearn stock became worthless ruining so many people's lives and yet the CEO walks away with 61.3 million. Fuck you, James Cayne, CEO Chairman. Go join the Enron execs that are with Cassius in hell.

8. Oh, I want to know how the "Surge" aka escalation is working? There is no such term as a surge in warfare assholes. Anyway, there's a "surge" of violence now in Iraq. So no political development, no infrastructure forming, and now the military situation looks bad. Thanks.

9. Best Buy opened in my neighborhood! Seriously, I'm ecstatic. Now there's a Target, Best Buy, and there will be a Potbelly's soon. I'm going to be broke but happy with it.

10. The Tudors is back this weekend. The show had remarkably hot women of course but that isn't why I liked the show. I really enjoy the show because it does capture some of the characters really well. I thought Sam Neil's Wolsey was utterly intriguing and I sympathized with someone who has been considered a villain in the narrative. In fact, I actually agreed with him. I also related with the other villain Charles V who we don't see very often but is most fearsome figure of the age. He's one of my favorite people in history though he did sack Rome and was just an amazing figure. The show has violence, sex, interesting concepts, and it portrays an era that is alien yet not to us.

11. I'm going to confess that I watched about three episodes of the L Word recently. It is a terrible show. I mean, I thought hey lesbians, I'll watch. Its edgy and sorts. God its awful. People whine throughout the show about fake problems. Its like they've been playing off the edgy oohhh...the L word, you think its lesbian but its actually love but we'll keep it about lesbians in love. I hated it. It takes a lot for me to hate attractive girls in a series especially if they're hooking up and all. What is up with Jennifer Beals too? She obviously uses a body double for much of it and she really is a bad actress. The Shane character was probably the most entertaining. Katharine Moennig is the actress. All she does is hook up and mock people which seems alright by me.

12. Upcoming movies I want to see. Part of me wants to see 21 for some reason. I need someone to suggest it before I do it though. I do want to see Leatherheads mainly because it reminds me of old movies.

13. Downloads? Go download Shiny Toy Guns' Rainy Monday. I liked it.

14. Riddle me this. Coincidence that the Australian PM is here? Probably


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"He's been visiting quietly wounded veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan War."

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