Thursday, March 20, 2008

Celebrity News

I have a bit of a pet peeve. I can't stand people who are obsessed with celebrity gossip. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind people who know what celebrities are up to, in fact I encourage people to have an idea what is going on in pop culture. What I can't stand is people with an obsession.

There is a girl I work with who we will call K.T. for the purpose of the story so that nobody knows here real name (it's Katie). Recently, while I was trying to eat my biscuit bowl from KFC, I had to spend the entire thirty minutes I had for lunch listening to her talk about the celebrity news in her magazine (people, star, tiger beat, something along those lines). I don't understand how you can not only spend your entire lunch break wanting to know why Britney can't get her kids back, but also assuming everyone (or anyone) else in the employee lounge cares. It did lead to this conversation between K.T. and me:

K.T.: Look at this picture of Good Charlotte.
Me: Good Charlotte sucks
K.T.: Hey, I went to high school with those guys.
Me: Then you should know they suck.

I also have an issue with the "celebrities, they're just like us" section. Recently, there was a photo of some B-list celebrity front row at a Lakers game with the subtitle, "they cheer on their favorite team." I want you to raise your hand if you have ever sat on the front row for a professional basketball game. Noone? That's what I thought. I don't care if they are walking their dog to the grocery store in their sweats like I do. Their dog probably cost them a thousand dollars because it's some purebred posh dog. Mine was free. they are probably walking to some highend grocery store that makes Wholefoods look like it's for poor people. I'm going to Giant. Their sweats are probably Juicy Couture. I stole mine from my roomate. Celebrities are not like us. If they were like us why would anyone care?

On to other things.

1. As many of you may know, Heather Mills did not get nearly as much money as she wanted from Sir Paul McCartney (50 million instead of the 250 million she asked for). I guess the judge felt that in court she didn't have a leg to stand on.

2. For those of you who follow cycling (editors note: Do we have European readers of this blog?) there are two American teams that qualified for the Tour De France. While this news is exciting by itself, the best news is that it brought us this. (picture courtesy of our friend Greg)

3. For those of you with the sense of humor of a child (probably a higher chance of that than of us having cycling fans reading this) you'll appreciate the fact that we have a friend named Guy Seemann. While he is in Israel, he had a blog. I assume it will talk about real life issues such as how difficult it is to find a good pulled pork barbeque sandwich in Tel Aviv.


Scott said...

Chris, I'm not sure if you can see my hand, but I'm raising it. I have, in fact, sat front row at a basketball game. I had seat A-1. You know those folding chairs they put in front of the actual stands? Yeah, I was there. It was a Chicago Bulls vs. Philadelphia 76'ers. I high-fived the half time show guys. I also had VIP parking and a waiter. I got them through Exelon.

Lauren said...

1) It was Robert who wrote the blog.

2) Regarding Shifty McBikerston -- really? Biking long distances and Chipotle don't seem to mix to me. I could be wrong. Greg, care to add your comments?

Scott said...

I just assumed it was Chris. Well, I retract my previous statement and I say it again whole sale except with "Robert" instead of "Chris." My hand is still raised.

Robert said...


Danielle said...

You had a waiter? You had VIP parking Scott? You? Somehow I think you were the guest of the person who had said parking and said seats.