Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Daylight Saving Time and its War on the American People

I'm sure foreign people have daylight saving time (We're actually the last nation to pick it up of all the nations in World War I...Ben Franklin didn't create it so I don't hate him). But I don't care about them right now. I'm cranky because I miss my hour of sleep. Sure I'll actually get home with some sunlight on some days, but man, more sleep is far more interesting. So I wanted to declare a fatwa on daylight saving time but apparently I can't...yet.

So last night was the season finale of October Road. It was a ridiculous too. Not only was there a Marissa Tomei reference which caught my attention, but U2 love in it AND.....DRUM ROLL! Stacy Keibler had a guest spot! Honest to god, I don't plan these things. Worst part is I'm actually liking the show. I didn't just watch to mock. Odette Yustman, Stacy Keibler, and a host of other eye candy plus improbable parings and decisions and I'm hooked. This would be awful if I had shame.

So question before the 10, what super hero are you? Batman? Spiderman? Superman? Wonder Woman? Any of those X-men? I've been considering who I would be. I mean I need to be someone who is a smart ass, makes too many pop culture references, and may be amoral or gray area level.

1. Eliot Spitzer! I want to be part of something called the Emperor's Club. Scott and I were debating on who do we know would go to a prostitute. Anyway, I'm actually disappointed in Spitzer. I liked him before he was governor. I think if he used state's money to fund his extracurricular activities then he should fall. I have no problem burning someone for using state's money that way. Its yet another powerful person who really just was reckless. I'm really curious on why David Vitter got it better than Spitzer?

2. So Barack Obama's bad week? Really? I mean he gained 7 Delegates on Hillary and technically won Texas. That's odd, I thought the media hated Hillary and would have pounced on that. Oh wait, they like a narrative. It isn't against Hillary. Its against boredom.

3. Yeah Bill Foster! Beating Jim Oberweis is a Democratic rite of passage in IL. However, this was Denny Hastert's seat. None of you Republicans are safe.

4. Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed and Sloth felt lonely so we have new sins!
1. 'Bioethical' violations such as birth control
2. 'Morally dubious' experiments such as stem cell research
3. Drug abuse
4. Polluting the environment
5. Contributing to widening divide between rich and poor
6. Excessive wealth
7. Creating poverty
Well, I didn't have much a problem violating the first set of sins. The second set made me laugh at how specific these are. Morally dubious experiments? Was Galileo morally dubious too?

5. I don't like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I find its defining features as a bit...vague for my tastes. Madonna is not rock and roll...it helps I can't stand her but she is not rock and roll. I heard most of the speeches. Billy Joel and John Mellencamp were really good.

6. I was listening to Howard Stern and he had Pete Burns on the phone. You're asking who?! He did the "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" song during the 80s. He apparently is into women's clothes and I had heard this but it shocked everyone in the show that he isn't a woman now like everyone thought. He also has a wife and husband which I'm not sure is legal.

7. Apparently the Earth is gone in 7.59 billion years. Eaten by a red sun, that kinda sucks. I plan on being somewhere else.

8. Kurt Cobain bought a 3.2 million dollar house last year! Oh wait...something fishy

9. Britney Spears is going to be on one of my favorite shows...yeah I know....How I Met Your Mother.

10. 10,000 BC made 37.5 million dollars...I have no idea what its about but it has saber tooth tigers!


Lauren said...

It also has snuffleupaguses. Don't forget about those!

"But the big, climactic fight, complete with an epic snuffleupagus rampage..."


Scott said...

I was watching TV last night and saw the October Road thing on my guide and noticed it was two hours long. I figured that your head would probably explode.

My parents live in IL-14.

John Mellencamp: This is our couuuuntry!!!

You shouldn't worry about the Earth being gone in 7.89 billion years to a red giant. Instead you should worry about the other dozens of ways we could all be wiped out in our life time. My favorite? Gamma Ray Burst. You don't want to be on Earth when that happens...

Jill said...

Below is a link to the message boards for October Road . It was announced today that there is a 50/50 chance for a third season of October Road, and it mostly depends on us, the fans to bring it back. Below is a link to the abc October Road Message boards. You will find many resources to help save the show as well as many other OR related posts. I hope to see you there! We can do this! We have had a huge response so far!


You can also access the message boards if you go to abc.com under "Primetime" and choose october road. We need all the support we can get! Thanks!