Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Toasters and other funny things

Random download of the week: I downloaded Trust from the Batman Soundtrack by Prince...I have no idea why.

So I lost an argument to maybe a 5 year old. I was on the bus going up to Silver Spring and this little girl claimed that this pole on the bus was hers. I said okay, do you have other poles. She said she didn't know but I'm not allowed to have this pole. I asked what happens if I need to use the pole to stop myself from falling. I kept getting images of being kicked in the leg or punched in a rather unhappy place at this point. She told me she didn't know and I figured that she was a tiny version of the Hulk and found another pole.

That same night, some random little kid told me I had sad eyes on the metro. I mean really? How does this keep happening? I was just staring blankly out the window in my little happy place imagination and this little kid had to make an observation. I was in the middle of listening to Peter Bjorn and John's hideously catchy Young Folks on my Ipod. After random kid made observation, I kept waiting for Haley Joel Osment to walk by and punch me in the face. PS, HaJO is 20 now or almost 20 now. That's more scary than the Sixth Sense but not as scary as Pay it Forward.

A while back, I thought of having a personal soundtrack. Now, I'd like to make a soundtrack for a day in my life. Figure out yours. My first three tracks so far are
1. Any Other Beauty from American Beauty Soundtrack- Chris wakes up and gets ready.
2. Clocks (String Quartet Instrumental cover of the Coldplay song)- Chris' tedious and repetitive trip to work.
3. Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears- Chris starting the day of work
I'll have a full soundtrack for tomorrow.
Onto the list
1. Hillary has an ad up that asks who you do you want answering the phone at 3 am in the White House as an emergency is breaking? I thought the ad was hilarious. Tasteless and awful but hilarious. I mean I have variations for it. It's 3 am, do you know where your husband is? It's 3 am, do you know when Fraggle Rock is on? I truly don't like the fear card played. Its ridiculous.

2. Its Primary fun again....Hillary might be that guest who doesn't know when to leave. I feel sorry for her because she's a much better candidate than McCain but not as good as Obama is. Rush Limbaugh would like Republicans to go vote for Hillary today. I thought how quaint, GOPers' head exploding because they'd have to vote for a Clinton. Once again, Rush is a douche bag not because he wants to vote for Hillary but because he just wants to have the process drawn out. By doing this he hopes he can buy McCain some time....ha, both Hillary and Obama have raised four times the amount McCain has each month...I guess I can feel the excitement in the tepid McCain Campaign.

3. "Here at Fox, we like to be feminine. So we don't wear the pants." That's a Faux anchor. I'd like to thank Faux for being douche bags. They hate all things liberal, feminism, and the least bit intellectual. After a week where O'Reily went on a rant how Ariana Huffington is a Nazi, KKK member, Faux doing a segment against feminism really is something.

4. Amy Winehouse has a bacterial infection on her face? Weird. How does that explain the crazy hair, weird body, and remarkable drug crazed insanity?

5. This ranks as one of my favorite stories....ever. Seriously, let my people go, man.

6. Steve-O is apparently in jail for torturing his neighbor. He drilled holes into his neighbor's apartment and flooded in crazy hard rock and a very loud noise. Isn't that what was done at Abu Grahib too? He's charged with vandalism.

7. This is a remarkable story that you should read before I comment on it tomorrow. Its an area of interest for me but I find it just amazing.

8. Brett Favre is apparently retiring! I'll believe next year when the season is over and he hasn't played. That said, I'm making myself a drink tonight.

9. Baseball season is so close. If you want to play fantasy baseball, join up in our league. All three of us are in it.

10. TV you should be watching. I'm still obsessed with Doctor Who/Torchwood. I totally am enamoured with them. Go Netflix the dvds and you'll learn. Also, catch up on Sarah Connor Chronicles. I ended up liking the show a lot but that may be due to the strike wiping out most of my TV. I watched another episode of October Road that I shouldn't watch but I do. It was about how at 10 years old you develop some sort of notion on what your perfect girl is. The guys in the show all had theirs and she died in a car accident years later and its how they begin to realize that. However, the writing is still bad but I enjoy it.

11. I love my Sirius Radio though it has killed Radiohead for me by playing all their songs too often.

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