Monday, November 26, 2007

Check it out, I'm still alive and posting

I've had a rough month and it'll probably continue till about December 5th. I'm still in Chicago till tomorrow. Today's post is a different one. I promise I'll have a post tomorrow with a ten that includes Amy Winehouse doing exhibitionist coke. Today's post is about soundtracks. I once thought that everyone should have a theme song. A song that maybe explains you at that moment in time. These days I think everyone shouldn't just have one song to define themselves at this moment in time but should have a whole soundtrack. After I post this soundtrack, I'll probably put it into my ipod. The average soundtrack is between 13 and 16 tracks depending on length of course. I urge people making their own soundtracks that they don't stick to one genre. I'm going to do one of 16 that somehow fits into how my world looks to me. Keep in mind, I have some that aren't expected.

1. Ludlow by James Horner
2. Rachmaniov or Rachmanioff depending whom you ask how to spell it 3rd Piano Concerto Finale Alla Breve
3. Lucky Man by the Verve
4. Ordinary World by Duran Duran
5. Bad Sun by the Bravery
6. Chicago, My Kind of Town by Frank Sinatra
7. Wisemen by James Blunt
8. Baba O'Riley by the Who
9. Money (That's what I want) by Barrett Strong
10. Clocks by Coldplay
11. Summon the Worms by Brian Tyler
12. Hollywood by Collective Soul
13. Train in Vain by the Clash
14. Pride (In the Name of Love) by U2
15. The Adventure by Angels and Airwaves
16. Ship of Fools by World Party

So there it is at this moment. Me being indecisive, I'll probably change it in ten minutes. What's your sound track?


-Brian said...

Ooooo I like it here goes:

1. Baba O'Riely-The Who (sorry to bite but it's my second favorite song of all time)
2. Canon in D Major-Pachelbel
3. Sick Boys-Social Distortion
4. Riot Nrrd-2 Skinnee J's
5. Layla-Derick and the Dominos
6. Electric Worm-The Beastie Boys
7. The Theme From Jurassic Park-John Williams
8. Walking Contradiction-Green Day
9. Gasoline Dreams-Outkast
10. Sing Sing Sing-Benny Goodman
11. Desire-U2
12. I Woke Up in a Car-Something Corporate
13. Thunder Road-Bruce Springsteen
14. Yellow Ledbetter-Pearl Jam (definitely playing over the closing credits of my life)

Edmund Dantes said...

mind you that closing is probably soon!