Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Its even worse than it appears but its alright

Sorry about yesterday, I got distracted by EW's top lists of things during my lunch break...Anyway, today I saw something that horrified me and I actually felt pity which is strange. There are things in the world that sicken me as well as other people. Seeing a hairy friend of mine sumo wrestle smaller guys without a shirt has ensured years of therapy. Today, I saw a guy projectile vomit onto another person on the Metro. It was amazingly gross and I had flashes of the movie Outbreak kick in. I almost ran to a doctor. Anyway, the guy vomited onto her work clothes. See that's where the pity kicks in. What a crappy way to start your day. I'd just quit right there and call in sick. Anyway, here's the list.

1. HOOKED ON PHONICS! Seriously, I understand that the President's speech writers write things out phonetically. I agree with doing that. I've done that myself with people. However, to screw up someone's name at a peace conference of large importance brutally like that....I'm tired of stupidity among other things with the President.

2. Karl Rove wants people to believe that it was Congress that rushed to war! He wants to blame a Democratic Senate for rushing to go to a war that destroyed their numbers until recently. Right, Karl Rove is a douche bag. Go to that far left Liberal website called if you want to see that you cannot rewrite history that easy.

3. John Ashcroft has offered himself up for waterboarding. Interesting. He already tortured people with "Where the eagles soar." Time to return the favor.

4. In case you didn't know, Carson Daly is a dick....and then I found out he's crossing the picket line and starting production again. Would anyone really notice if they just showed reruns of his show?

5. Oprah is going to openly campaign for Obama in key states. Barbara Streisand for Hillary Clinton. Ric Flare for Huckabee...wait does he count as a celebrity? Anyway, the celebrity behind Giuliani? PAULEY WALNUTS from Sopranos....I'm not even kidding.

6. For your further indoctrination, Amy Winehouse has cancelled the rest of her tour. It could have been the coke she did publicly or the fact she couldn't stay sober or sane on stage.

7. I'm hearing Britney Spears is pregnant again and this time its with her producer. God help us.

8. Mike Huckabee is winning in Iowa for the GOP!? Check the archives of this blog for the sole pseudo support given to him early on.

9. HUGE REVIEW TIME. I saw a lot of movies recently so we'll go fast. Beowulf! Holy god that was fun. Go see it in 3D and be gitty like an 9 year old. Lions for Lambs...believe it or not, Tom Cruise makes a good neocon Republican. Probably because he's crazy. The story about the two guys in Afghanistan is heart wrenching but the movie lacks something. Robert Redford needed a better script no matter how much I agree with him. Before the Devil Knows You're dead! Utterly brilliant. Most vicious movie I've seen and it wasn't because of violence that did it. You also see more of Marisa Tomei than you thought you would (still have a crush on her). Hitman! I still don't get many plot points but somewhat enjoyable even if it rarely made sense. What am I saying? It isn't very good but watch it with a group and its kinda fun. Gone Baby Gone! Excellent movie...seriously, Ben Affleck did a great job and you should go see it. I loved it.

10. My brother's band the Ivorys had a show while I was home and they were outstanding. They've got a show on the 21st of December I think and if you're in the area you should come. More information to come.

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Robert said...

1. I believe it's Ric Flair.
2. Huchabee already has Chuck Norris' support.