Thursday, November 1, 2007

TV on strike or how I learned to love my DVD collection more

Its been awhile. Since I've been gone from the blog, a kid is responsible for starting one of the fire. Britney Spears lost her kids again. Amy Winehouse cried a lot...wait, nothing really does change....Anyway, the guys who write our TV and movies look like they're going on strike! Holy god, what will happen to TV! Well, its not good if you don't particularly like reality tv. Unscripted shows are going to thrive once the networks run out of produced shows. Who's going to benefit? Fox will definitely. The strike most likely will last between two and four months. In that time, American Idol will be back and its a beast in ratings even against expensive well scripted shows. They also will most likely expand Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader and shows like that. Fox always has a massive supply of reality shows. ABC has a lot to lose but it does have shows like Extreme Makeover and and Dancing with the Stars. CBS had to summon Amazing Race early because Hugh Jackman's Viva Laughlin fell after two episodes. They'll be okay as long as Survivor holds out and they can rush into production Big Brother. And now NBC....THIS CAN BRING BACK AMERICAN GLADIATORS!!!!....!!!!! They have shows like Deal or No Deal which doesn't do as well as it used to but man are people going to be desperate. American Gladiators can easily slip in. On a sadder note, Daily Show and Colbert Report will suffer immediately.

Movies are less predictable. I've heard of writers just rushing their scripts in this week. My biggest concern is studios taking crappy half done scripts and accepting them as whole. I have this fear we'll get even worse movies that will come out next fall or even a year from spring and be total crap. Studios shouldn't buy shit scripts out of desperation or laziness.

So me being me, I keep a reservoir of DVDs in case of World War III or I can't get good TV. Now onto the list.

1. The strangest thing in politics has occurred. and Right wing bloggers have teamed up to attack Faux News because Faux doesn't want Republican candidates using footage in political ads...hmm...wait isn't Faux just a gigantic political ad for the Republican Party? Well, it is but this alliance is a bit like when Jerry Seinfeld allied himself with Newman...

2. Bye Karen Hughes. I won't miss you. Have you ever noticed that she only enters mainstream news when she's quitting somewhere? She's a perennial quitter. Its sad that many of my friends' reaction to her quitting was "wow, I didn't think she was still around." This woman was supposed to be the the Undersecretary of Public Diplomacy...the only message she really sent to the world was that she's crazy to think that the world is going to think President Bush is the great hero of the world... She says that her job will continue well after she's gone...well its a tough job after you've helped destroy the goodwill that the United States has earned for the past century. I find it fitting that my propaganda class ended the day before she quit.

3. I watched the Democratic Debates a couple nights ago on my DVR. Yup, it was pummel a decent way not like the Republicans do. Joe Biden got a great shot at Rudy Giuliani in saying that all he ever says is a noun+verb+9/11 for anything. Giuliani struck back the next day making plagiarism jokes on Biden...that was 20 years ago and it was a misspeak in a speech. Giuliani was accused of plagiarism last month. What an ass.

4. Rudy Giuliani thinks voters are stupid. He's partially right. Many are. But his healthcare ad is a bold faced lie. In his recent radio ad, he says, “I had prostate cancer, five, six years ago. My chance of surviving prostate cancer, and thank God I was cured of it, in the United States, 82%. My chances of surviving prostate cancer in England, only 44% under socialized medicine.” Mortality rates in England and USA are virtually the same. Its bad math or a lie. Also, Giuliani contracted prostate cancer while he was mayor of New York and the government paid for his care. That would be government healthcare wouldn't it? So fuck you, Rudy.

5. Donnie Rumsfeld is the gift that keeps on giving. We now have access to his memos when he was SecDef. He thinks Iraqis are generally against physical labor...okay racist, check. He also thinks we need to continuously link Iraq to Iran...saber rattler, check. Base war on bumper sticker statements...salesman, check...together they're Donnie Rumsfeld...He's the evil bastard we thought he was.

6. Lance Armstrong and Ashley Olsen are seeing each other....sorry Rob. Kinda hilarious combo.

7. Anyone else curious on what Amy Winehouse gives out on Halloween? She does give out something I'm hearing to kids...oh did you know she can't tour in the US since her most recent drug bust? They won't give her a Visa.

8. Is anyone really surprised that Dog the Bounty Hunter is racist? He apparently had a huge racist rant to his son who has a black girlfriend...Michael Richards/Dog the Bounty Hunter show?

9. Scott of the Blog and I now play Halo 3 regularly and have declared war on the person known as breadsticks...I've decided to declare whoever I want as breadsticks...kinda like terrorist except tastier. So join the cause with Taco Crusader and Alkuth.

10. Read this. You'll be better for it. Its from a couple of days ago.

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