Friday, October 26, 2007

Bonfire of the Vanities (when Vanities=California)

1. As Chris mentioned earlier this week Dancing With the Stars preformer/former host of the Donny and Marie Show Marie Osmond fainted on T.V. Her first reason given was that she "forgot to breathe." I feel that I learned in science class that breathing is one of the things your body does without thinking (i.e. your heart beating without you reminding it to). This leads more credence to my theory that the Osmonds are aliens (which actually makes Donny and Marie's relationship less creepy).
Now, the story has gotten even better. Apparently Marie is now saying that she fainted because of the California wildfires affected her allergies. As if the wildfires weren't bad enough when they were just beurning down David Jusitce's house, now it's more personal because these tragedies have a human (alien) face. Tragic.

2. Point: Capitalism

3. Good move by the Georgia Supreme Court to overturn a sentence of an outdated crime.
P.S. I feel there's a joke somewhere in me linking this article that I'm not even going to touch.

4. The Associated Press reports that 1/3 of all people believe in ghosts. What they don't report is that 4/5 of all ghosts believe in people.
P.S. Kudos to the man who said he shot a ghost. It takes a lot of balls to say something so blatently crazy in an article that is going nationwide.

5. I would like to announce that Chris's Michigan team beat my Clemson team in the national championship of our NCAA Football game lats night. After, going down early in the game Michigan was able to shut down Heisman winner C.J. Spiller to win it's third consecutive title.

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Edmund Dantes said...

When they clone Che, does that make those tee shirts a bit more creepy? I wonder if the number of people who believe in ghosts increases as they meet Jim Manning? I'm still in shock over the college win. Next year is going to be interesting when we up the difficulty.