Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I'm the guy you buy.

This weekend involved some of my favorite things on Earth and one that I hate. The Bears beat the Packers at Lambeau! Seriously, it made my week. I kept waiting for John Madden to wonder why Brett Favre couldn't see into the future. I'm always surprised that Madden can do a game because it must be hard when you're drooling about Favre. The Cubs are out of the playoffs and that made me sad...okay I don't do sadness quite...it made me angry. Hope Cuban buys the team...I've always had that underlying need for a Steinbrenner. Another great thing this weekend and its pretty much every weekend, Cap Lounge...need I say more? The place isn't particularly clean...or at all...it isn't particularly safe or at all...but y'know what I still have a good time every time...yes I've heard about rats...yes I've remember that its burned down a couple times in the past few years...go on...Anyway, last bit, I went to the movies on my own to see Michael Clayton. I love the movies. I bought some popcorn, a pop, and some candy and I was in heaven. The movie was fantastic by the way. Go see it. The sound, the size of the screen, and even some audience noise makes the experience great. There was a point when a couple people were startled and I just laughed to myself. Onto the list.

1. Where are their lapel pins? Seriously, the Republicans need better issues or maybe because they've left in ruin anything they once stood for? Either way here is a very conservative blogger who is pissed off.

"For starters, people got tired of being associated with these drooling retards. Then, when they realized that these drooling retards had ideological allies running the show in the Bush administration and then began to experience their idiotic policies, they moved from disgusted to outright hostile.

Like me. It had nothing to do with Burke, and everything to do with what the party had become. A bunch of bedwetting, loudmouth, corrupt, hypocritical, and incompetent boobs with a mean streak a mile long and no sense of fair play or proportion.

Seriously- what does the current Republican party stand for? Permanent war, fear, the nanny state, big spending, torture, execution on demand, complete paranoia regarding the media, control over your body, denial of evolution and outright rejection of science, AND ZOMG THEY ARE GONNA MAKE US WEAR BURKHAS, all the while demanding that in order to be a good American I have to spend most of every damned day condemning half my fellow Americans as terrorist appeasers.

And that isn't even getting into the COMPLETE and TOTAL corruption of our political processes at every level.
The shit is really going to hit the fan after we vote these jackasses out of power in 2008.

Screw them. I got out. They can have their party. I will vote for Democrats and little L libertarians and isolationists until the crazy people aren't running the GOP. The threat of higher taxes in the short term isn't enough to keep me from voting out crazy people and voting for sane people with whom I merely disagree regarding policy. Hillarycare doesn't scare me as much as Frank Gaffney having a line to the person with the nuclear football or Dobson and company crafting domestic policy.

That is why the Republican party is in shambles. The majority of us have decided that the movers and shakers in the GOP and the blogospheric right are certified lunatics who, in a decent and sane society, we would have in controlled environments in rocking chairs under shade trees for most of the day, wheeled in at night for tapioca pudding and some karaoke." A reminder that this guy and I never agree except for this instance.

2. "I made my arguments and went down in flames. History will prove me right," - Texas Rangers owner George W. Bush after voting against realignment and a new wild-card system during a Major League Baseball owners meeting in September 1993. Bush was the lone dissenter in a 27-1 vote. This is when "History will prove me right" started. I hate this argument. I stand by that now I'm going to punch someone in the face and say history will prove me right. Seriously, history will judge him...

3. Its a weird day when I agree with two conservatives that easily. George Will this weekend. "Social conservatives should grow up. If they want to rally around somebody, why don't try that? Huckabee needs support and money now. If the social conservatives are half as important as they think they are, they would rally around one of these people [..] And then decide what you care about. If you care about judges, then you're gonna get satisfied by Giuliani, then get in line and play politics. But there's a vanity in this group right now. They call themselves "values voters." I've news for them: 100% of the American electorate are values voters; they vote their values…And this, this, kind of semantic imperialism that they have where they say "we vote values". Everyone else votes what?"

4. Best political commentary came from an unlikely source. It should be a likely source but hasn't done such a good job in years.

5. Britney Spears has this delusion that she is the same as Princess Diana....next stop mental asylum...Princess Diana for what its worth was an excellent mother. Britney is an awful one. Princess Diana didn't ask for paparazzi. Britney calls for them and begs to be on covers. For as much as I didn't care for Princess Diana for a number of reasons, Britney Spears is no Princess Diana...I've yet to see a shred of dignity from Britney Spears and if she had even an ounce of Diana's, it would would be more than she could handle.

6. Worst Lyricist rankings are out. Sting is at number 1. They say his faux spirituality that rips off St. Augustine just pisses people off and that he is so pompous in writing he could kill someone. Number 2 is Neal Peart of Rush....I hate the band Rush and this just proves a point. 3. Scott Stapp of Creed..nuff said. 4. Noel Gallagher of Oasis...tear...you are my wonder wizzall. Number 1 is actually Rob Olker for co opting every song that has the word me into and changing it to steve....creepy I know...he's ruined several songs.

7. LiLo is loose...yeah she's out of rehab...she'll stick to vodka because its clear and that means healthy...that's what Keith Richards says anyway...oh I don't take myself seriously anymore...Amy Winehouse

8. Nick Naylor is coming to TV! Thank You for Smoking which is a brilliant book and movie, is coming to TV and leaving off where the movie did.

Lauren found this on daily puppy. She is Zephyr.

10. Michael Clayton isn't what you think it is. This isn't Erin Brokovich. Its far more darker. Michael Clayton, played by George Clooney, is an immensely layered character. He isn't a miracle worker. He's a janitor. He fixes things. Tom Wilkinson and Sidney Pollack do a wonderful job on screen with him. The movie is more about how people make bad decisions and why they make them and what happens in consequence. It most likely is the best picture I've seen this year so far though 3:10 to Yuma is close. My favorite line in the movie besides the janitor comparison is the "I'm not the guy you kill, I'm the guy you buy."


Lauren said...

Clarification: The dog's name is Zephyr. I am not "zephyr".

Thank you.

Edmund Dantes said...

ha, brian makes that mistake all the time. you should punch him till he gets it.

Scott said...

But don't you kind of wish your name was Zephyr? Wouldn't that be kind of neat? I knew it! Hippy...