Tuesday, October 23, 2007


So two things to start. I was watching CSI Miami last night. Its a show that I love for peculiar reasons of course. One of the things I love about the show is that David Caruso always has an utterly cliche quip right before the opening credits while he's either putting on his glasses or taking them off. Sometimes I really just want him to say "This....looks like it could be....the final countdown" or "that toaster...has proven...too costly." Y'know something meaningless. Another aspect I love about the show is Caruso's character name, Horatio Cane. One, its badass sounding and I didn't think Horatio could ever sound anything of the sort. Two, it reminds me that people used to name their kid Horatio because they hated them and wanted them to be British. Cane, himself, is a ridiculously awesome bad ass. The show combines Bad Boys and CSI which of course is great. H.C., as the kids say, shoots people, rides in a cool black SUV, has car chases, and generally gets the job done. However, it occurs to me in the show that H.C. accuses pretty much every guest of the crime. One game I like to play is guess how many people he'll accuse of murdering someone or some random crime. The last aspect of CSI Miami I'll talk about is that there are a remarkable amount of hot women who work in the CSI in Miami. Seriously...its insane. Furthermore they like to play with gadgets...always a plus. Oh and Ainsley Hayes is one of them. This is why I love CSI Miami.

Second thing and this will be short, on the metro today, there was a elderly grandmother who had her grandchild carry around a notebook so she could tell her sage advice. It was hilarious, the girl had a on a snow cap for some reason and the grandmother would keep saying "now y'got your note book?" little girl raises it up again. "Okay, never look people in the eye on the train. Y'know why?" girl shakes her head no. "because there are crazy people on the train." But I caught part of this for 20 minutes and I did my best to not laugh. Onto the list.

1. Anyone else notice that Osama Bin Laden has a great understanding of foreign policy aims of the President. That he says exactly what is in our aims right when the President requests more money for Iraq? The scheduling must be brutal for him to release a message just as the President asks for more money. I wonder if Bin Laden says by not helping out children's health care you aiding him?

2. The fires out in California are truly brutal. As far as I can tell, Arnold is doing his best to fight them and retain order. This isn't a partisan issue unless you're Glen Beck. On October 22nd, Glen Beck stated on his radio show, "I think there is a handful of people who hate America. Unfortunately for them, a lot of them are losing their homes in a forest fire today.” This is why I keep hoping a toilet seat from the International Space Station hits him or destroys his home. When I hear Conservatives say that they don't question patriotism ever, I can't help but laugh.

3. The Dumbledore is gay thread has blown open the internet. Crazy Christians are all over the place flipping out. I still don't care about his sexuality. I did laugh at a blog post at Blogs for Brownback when someone said Dumbledore doesn't deserve to live on this Earth....hey yeah, its a book genius. Scott brought up an interesting point. What's the point of all of this for JK Rowling? Saddened by the lack of attention? I miss the days when ambiguity in literary texts was something for readers to reach an understanding. I'm still waiting for the people in denial to flip out. Probably like a nerdier version of the Rock Hudson fall out.

4. Meet the new Terror Buster logo that the CIA came up with. Over at Rising Hegemon, they found the striking parallel with Ghostbusters. I love it. I've been humming the theme all morning.
5. Anyone watch Dancing with the Stars, I don't which saddens me because I actually considered it because Mark Cuban was going to be on. Anyway, Marie Osmond apparently went crazy then fainted on stage. If anyone saw this, I'm curious on details.

6. If you buy the Amy Winehouse live special dvd, you get a pint glass and an ash tray with her name on it. Anyone else find that ironic and odd. I think they should go further, I think there should be Amy Winehouse syringes, Amy Winehouse bongs, and maybe Amy Winehouse whigs.

7. Apparently, Halle Berry made an anti semetic remark on Leno that she saw someone who looked like it could be her Jewish cousin. I suspect overreaction. Its not like she made a Holocaust joke.

8. Its not everyday that you can say James Lipton is a pimp and mean it. The Inside Actors Studio host once was a pimp in Paris. How can there not be a future Will Farrell skit? I just keep laughing about this.

9. Here's a review of Britney Spears' new album. I especially love the line of "If a blow up sex doll could sing, this is what she would sound like."

10. Holy, god Salt-N-Pepa are back and they're remixing Whatta Man for Obama.

11. Here's a did you know? This is because someone actually was wondering out loud that they didn't like the name of the show Grey's Anatomy. The name is a play off of the legendary book Gray's Anatomy currently in its 39th edition and is the bible of anatomy.

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