Friday, October 5, 2007

The Lives of Others

Halo 3. Its a video game. Its a wonder. I swear if you play video games in general and don't have this game. You should just quit. Go buy yourself a 360 because it is worth it. Go buy Bioshock, Gears of War. Call of Duty 3, Madden, and of course Halo 3. Halo 3 is remarkably enjoyable and it isn't complicated. Point, shoot and maybe hit. Oh and grenades solve problems. Halo 3 is fun, addictive, and its graphics are amazing. These truths are self evident. I hear the game is short. I haven't had time to finish it...whole job and all and class. Oh well, that just means you'll have to play online which is almost an entire game upon itself. I own a PS3 (yup shocking), I've played a Wii, and I own a 360. If you're thinking I don't know what I want, go 360. Its the blend of all the nice things of PS3 and has all the fun of a Wii. I honestly don't need to point my controller to amuse me plus they went cheap for graphics. Anytime, someone says they spent more time making it fun I look at them weird and think...yeah...that koolaid must be nice. Anyway, that's my diatribe for video games this week. This is the advice of someone who really isn't growing up and loves video games. Onto the list.

1. Larry Craig is staying! Holy god, I would feel bad for the Republicans if they didn't deserve it. He thinks he's going to get his committee assignments back and apparently run again...The campaign gods are smiling on the Democrats these days. Fund raising is ridiculous. Giuliani is bringing less than half of what Hillary Clinton is bringing. He's only doing a little more than half of Obama. But really, here's why Larry Craig is doing this. He's trying to salvage his career or at least he thinks he is. He'll try recreate his victim complex again. Y'know liberal media attacking him with lies. I'd love the charges to be pressed further because he violated his plea bargain by trying to tell the media he's innocent when he plead guity.

2. Allow me to introduce the new Republican convention label. Notice that is blue and not red...notice as well (I learned this on Keith Olbermann last night) that the elephant in that pose is getting ready to mate. How weird is that?

3. Apparently, Obama has demoralized the troops by not wearing an American flag on his lapel. Wait, no one really cares that much? Huh but the right wing media is always right...oh god...yeah this is a non issue. I just really want to know when did wearing an American flag on your lapel become the ultimate sign of patriotism.

4. Names. I have a very unique fact when I get into trouble and that means getting caught, if you see my name, it definitely means me. However, some people aren't so lucky. Some people have people with the same name and do something stupid. And this name sounds initially almost unique. You know who I'm talking about.

5. Family Guy is being sued for using the When you Wish Upon a Star song. The lyric ``though by many they're abhorred, Hebrew people I've adored, even though they killed my Lord, I need a Jew" probably got them into trouble but anyway, this episode was so long ago now. Wasn't this already a controversy years ago? Shouldn't have this been brought up then? Yeah probably. The sad part is that this was a time when Family Guy was more funny.

6. Wednesday night tv battle has been fierce so far. Bionic Woman, a show I really liked the first episode of but haven't had time to watch the second, lost a quarter of its audience...not good. Pushing Daisies started out huge with its premier. I really like that show as well. It helps that the lead woman is so god damn cute. Private Practice is probably the choice of young audiences though. Criminal Minds has roared back to take the older audience. Wednesday seems to be the night that is most representative of people. Monday maybe close with Heroes and others there.

7. Seriously, This Maggie. She is a German Sheppard. I have no idea about them but man, do I want one.

8. Hey, quick question. I caught part of O'Reilly last night after the Cub game (don't ask) and he was railing on mainstream cable media...if you have the most ratings in cable media, aren't you then the mainstream? Just curious.

9. Can things go worse with Unfitney Spears? You'll just have to check the satalite they keep on her. Also, I'm kinda waiting for Keith Richards to offer input on Amy Winehouse because that would be hilarious.

10. I'm dying to see Michael Clayton tomorrow night if anyone wants in. I also want to see The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

Bonus Lauren Understanding Crazy Knowledge News

She found this yesterday on Slate and its absolutely hilarious. Please read if you know whats good for you or she'll punch Mikey until you get it.

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Scott said...

I beat Halo 3 in 7 hours. It is short. But ridiculously fun. I still watch trailers when I'm bored and then think about Halo'ing on-line. PS: Make sure to watch the credits because after the credits there's another scene.