Friday, October 19, 2007

Word on the street

1. Rapper T.I was arrested last weekend on gun charges. I think there are two bigger issues everyone is overlooking. 1. Why doesn't T.I. have members in his posse to take the blame. This is imperative for all people in the entertainment. 2. Why does have a file photo with a rapper from Atlanta in a Brewers hat. I suppose T.I stands for Traiterous Individual.

2. Stephen Colbert is running for President, but not wasting his time with the worthless states. I always considered the other 49 states "flyover states" anyway.

3. If you're a hippie like me, (and I assume most of you aren't because you're reading this while taking a Starbucks break from your corporate sell-out job) you'll love this website. It has all the upside of going to a jam band's concert, but without having to hang out with people that smell funny and have awkwardly unrealistic optimism.

4. I don't know much about hell, but I have a feeling someone is about to spend eternity being violated by a man in a yellow hat.

5. Nerds rejoice. Your tragic period of not having a Star Trek to watch is almost over.
(Spoiler Alert: Spock is going to slice open the heads of everyone else and take their powers.)
(P.S. If you got that reference you are officially nerdy enough to watch the movie)

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