Wednesday, October 3, 2007

To there and back again

Hey I'm back people of Mr.Brooksknockedupnancydrewistan. I've had a lot of work and a midterm but I'm okay now. Anyway, you know what I love? Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and whatever right wing whack job's defense for whenever they do something ridiculously stupid. The left wing media is taking it out of context! Right. The best part is that they won't show the clip of them doing it anymore for any viewer to attempt to "use context." So they have to rely on the word of a crazy lunatic right wing nutjob who I wouldn't trust with a spoon let alone debating policy. Just something I love. I will donate 100 dollars to the Rush Limbaugh's oxycotin ass should be sent into space toward Mars fund. Its context. Onto the list.

PS. I'm really starting to hate the office next door in my office building. They don't like some of their people using cell phones in their office for whatever reason so they always go out into the halls and have no volume control of course. Honest to God, it can't be that important. But man, is it irritating because these walls suck and there's always one or two people in the hall bitching about something.

1. For a guy who is so fond of history judging him, he sure doesn't want anyone looking at his records after he's done destroying everything we hold dear. A judge has just invalidated his ability to review his records before they can be released.

2. Rush Limbaugh shouldn't be on the armed forces radio if he is going to think a large amount of troops are phony. Furthermore, he censored it for them indicating he clearly knows what he did. 41 Democrats signed on to condemn him. Where the hell are the nine + one independent Repubocrat that signed on against ad? Oh right hypocrisy. I hope those Republicans, who thought destroyed our nation and caused the death of thousands, sign on. It really does show the difference in liberals and conservatives. Liberals blame leadership for Iraq. Conservatives blame everyone but leadership.

3. JEEBUS! Obama and Clinton are raising a ton of money. Both raised 80 million dollars each this summer. They can afford a couple John Edwards hair cuts now.

4. So I was reading through one of my favorite blogs and I came across a serious blog post by Alyssa Milano. Holy Who's the Boss! I mean I am distracted by the whole Samantha is hot now deal. I can't help it I'm shallow and trite. She was blogging about NTDs aka Neglected Tropical Diseases. They kill an immense amount of people. So let's review, she's ridiculously hot, loves baseball ( a Dodger fan so I have my doubts) and wants to globally help people...I think I'm in love.

5. D'Jimbo aka ASF hates my fantasy team because I came back from a 91-144 deficit on Monday with Tom Brady and Randy Moss...oh and its probably because they kinda cheat and are worth almost 80 points a week. But let's put in it bluntly, its because he hates America. Tom Brady as pointed out early on in blog history by Scott is ridiculous. Its mostly because he was on the front lines of the war on terror. Ohio State is a terrorist stronghold and he was a Michigan quarterback.

6. Yup, Rob pointed out that Britney Spears has indeed lost custody to her kids and apparently its over her having an invalid driving license. Yup, its the year of the Caponed. Al Capone was finally busted for tax evasion, not murder nor extortion or anything fun like that. OJ might get time for armed robbery not murder. Britney Spears lost custody of her kids not because she's a ridiculously bad parent doing drugs around them and barely caring for them but because she has an invalid driving license. In defense of such a notion, she has a habit of driving with a kid in her lap in the front seat.

7. I saw a clip of Barbara Walters telling Faith Hill that the whole cast of the view would like to do her husband...worst image ever. Outside of Elizabeth Hassleback who must be a monster in bed, I would feel bad for Hill's husband.

8. Everyone knows now of my admiration and hero worship of Keith Olbermann and Stephen Colbert, and Jon Stewart (he's not in this clip) .

9. Mick Jagger says he's worried that Amy Winehouse might die. In the interview, he slipped up and called her Brian Jones...oh right I made that last part up. If you don't know who that is, wiki Brian'll make sense.

10. Nicolas Cage woke up in middle of the night this week to find a guy naked with a leather jacket in his home. I'm pretty sure it was the jacket that confused him but man is that weird.
Yeah he looks normal.


11. There's a sequel to the Queen coming! This should be interesting, its about Blair's relationship with Presidents Clinton and Bush. Yup Anglophiles unite!

12. Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are reducing the chances their kids will ever bee normal. The child custody battle is brutal. It makes Unfitney and K-Fed look normal. Keep your eye on it.

13. Howard K. Stern (the Stern of the Anna Nicole Smith variety) is suing Rita Crosby for the claim that he had sex with Larry Birkhead...Rita Crosby's legal bills must be huge because she's always being helps she's an awful person.

14. I can't end on 13. Miley Cyrus of Halley Montana is the hottest ticket in America averaging 214 dollars a ticket. One ticket went for over 2,500 dollars. Seriously, Billy Ray Cyrus' kid...someone please explain this. She's 14...


Lauren said...

Today, in 1991, Bill Clinton formally announced he was running for president. Does it seem odd to anyone else that Hillary and Obama practically announced they were running for president like 2 weeks later?

Edmund Dantes said...

yeah the campaign season is absolutely ridiculous with how early it started. That said, Clinton was a darkhorse candidate back in 91 but if someone were to announce now, they would have a primary in less than 6 months....that's how insane it is now. There are primaries in January now.

Lauren said...

Also, again with the suggestions:

Scott said...

Lauren, I looked into it and they ask that bloggers not submit their blogs if they routinely use graphic language. I think saying things like "fuck the fucking fuckers over in that fucking fuck-mobile" counts as 'graphic.' So I tried.