Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Power of Participation

Because mysterious, yet alluring, commenter Lauren is the only person who provides us with suggestions and ideas, I am apt to listen to her. This is giving me the feeling that this blog is slowly becoming about making her a happy camper.

And I'm okay with that.

So if you want to become the next "Lauren" and want your ideas represented on our blog, speak up. I can't read minds and even if I could I would only try to explode them. Do you have an idea for a new poll? Perhaps there's a topic in specific you would like us to 'riff' on. Maybe you're just a creepy stalker who hunts one of us like an animal. Whatever it is, you should make yourself known because until that happens, the only person who is going to get their way is Lauren.

Not that she minds, I'm sure.



Lauren said...

I love getting my way. I'm really very good at it.

All part and parcel of being an only child I suppose.

Lauren said...

Also, the Hayden picture isn't showing up for me -- may just be my browser, but just as an FYI.