Thursday, October 11, 2007


TA DA! This little gem has been passed out GW campuses recently. I love it. Anyone know any GW students? Because I want one. Number 2 on my prologue to the list, I hate Mitch McConnell and Right Wing nut jobs. I know you knew that already about me. But y'know that 12 year old kid who represented the opposition to President Bush's veto of the SCHIP program. The 12 year old who needed to be there so he could show that CHIP works because the President doesn't believe so. Bipartisan on a massive level, he and his water carriers are alone on the matter. But y'know why I center on Mitch McConnell and the Right Wing nut jobs? Because McConnell's office gave out the kid's address to people like Michelle Malkan and that sort. She went and stalked him and called the parents liars because the kids are in private school on scholarship. For God's sake, the kid was in a coma until recently. He's been receiving death threats by crazy Right Wingers...God help you if anything happens to that family. Mitch McConnell needs to be punished for giving out that information for a partisan hit job on a 12 year old on your tax dollars. Last point of prologue, go watch How I Met Your Mother. I watched last night the episode from Monday with it wrong that I was rooting for Ted to get the Tricycle? It is the American Dream. Still wondering about that. But that show is Legen....wait for it because I hope you're not lactose intolerant...dary. Onto the list.

1. The number 23...I watched the debate a couple nights ago and Rudy Giuiliani claimed that the he had cut taxes 23 times and that the US had stopped 23 terror plots (a number higher than the White House claims). I suppose 23 is more believable than 911 times for either but that is his favorite number. I wonder if he's going for 911 marriages...that'd be swell.

2. During the debate, Mitt Romney said that he would consult his lawyers about attacking Iran...probably the worst answer possible in this climate. Even Fred Thompson talked about talking to Congress and he still thinks he's on the Law and Order set. He's confused about Sam Waterston being so late. Mitt Romney has won over the monarchy crowd though so good for him.

3. Kiefer Sutherland has to serve 48 days in prison...That's 48 seasons of 24 for those keeping track. He wouldn't be in this trouble if he hadn't killed Curtis.

4. Unfitney Spears beat K-Fed...Wow just when you thought this couldn't be more pathetic...then BAM.

5. Around the rumor mill, Amy Winehouse was apparently signed to do the Bond theme for the next movie. She was fired rapidly recently as well...she was also going to do a cameo in the movie..honestly, who would hire her knowing that she would have to be up before 2 pm.

6. Michelle Rodriguez is going away for six, not only did she violate probation but she lied about her community service that she never did...yeah, I'm curious to see where her career is in six months.

7. Have you noticed that Faux News tends to think that Republicans who screw up are actually Democrats and labels them as such? James Oddo, that NY Councilman who flipped out on the fake Borat type interview, is actually a Republican not a Conservative Democrat guys.

8. Faux News is launching its War on Christmas early this it comes earlier every year but they've changed the framing of it this time. Its Air America and its war on religion...they then show two former employees of Air America in order to instill fear with Al Franken and Janeane Garafalo appearing. Neither works there anymore nor have they in some time. But it does get crazy Faux people's blood boiling. Take a look. I hate Faux...I wonder how they're going to cope with Janeane Garafalo being on 24.

9. Daily Show goodness

10. Scott and I want a Missile base in Washington State. I think this is an ongoing fund raising effort for a worthy cause.
Missile Base look

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