Friday, October 19, 2007


Well I'll be. An NFL preview! Amazing right? Shut up. Anyways, the reason I'm doing this is not because of any of the so-called "good games." Sure, Indy v. Jacksonville looks like it could be a really good game, but who cares? The thing that matters is that the Bears are playing the Eagles. Thats right, its my team vs. Chris' team. Both teams are underperforming. You've got one team thats led by a guy who's got 2 sons in jail and can't seem to figure out that he has a great running game so decides to throw the ball 40 fucking times a game with a quarterback coming back from injury. You've got the other team that is ravaged on defense by injuries, is slowly figuring out that it traded the wrong running back, and is starting a different quarterback than it started at the beginning of the season. Oh, and that other team also happens to have Devin Hester, perhaps one of the most exciting players in the NFL right now.

I think my Eagles have a pretty good shot at winning this. The Bears defense seems like it can be pretty good in the early game but it just doesn't have the depth to make it over the long haul. Thats not their fault. Thats the fault of the Super Bowl curse coming to bite them in the ass. They still get to the quarterback a lot but they can't seem to stop the run. Did you know that the Bears are the 26th or 27th ranked defense in the NFL in total yards? Is that true? Can that be right? The Bears offense is still coughing up the ball a lot, despite the absense of Wrecks, and with Cedric Benson averaging only about 3 yards a carry, I can honestly say that the offense doesn't frighten me.

The Eagles offense has shown that when it gets into a groove it can move the football. And move it really fast. Plus, Brian Westbrook is averaging about 7 yards a touch. Thats a pretty damn good figure. The Eagles defense has actually been the most pleasant surprise this season, to me. They are playing well and they are keeping us in games where we honestly should be getting blown out. Plus, Lito Sheppard may return to the game! That would be great. Even Brian Dawkins is practicing right now which is also very exciting. The Eagles special teams however are crap and can't return or tackle to save their damned lives.

So, what does frighten me? Devin Fucking Hester. As I have already mentioned, if Andy Reid decides to test him and kick the ball right at him, I'm going to drive to Philly and kill him. At the same time, I know that if Devin Hester ends up raping the Eagles, Chris is going to be cackling like a goddamned hyena.

Folks there could be blood. There will definitly be swearing and drinking. But blood is possible. I may have to stand up and stab him in the eye with a fork. Then I'll steal Jim's keys and so on and so forth with the killing. Perhaps when I do so, I'll strap Chris' bleeding corpse to the top of Jim's truck and head up I-95. I figure seeing something like that will be about par for the course in New Jersey at the very least.

I know that Chris and I are going to probably get very emotional during the game and we will be yelling at each other but more likely yelling at the tv. So here's the point. Do you like booze? Do you like football? Do you like two grown men yelling at a tv? Does the idea of killing pique your interest? Are you getting tired of me asking all these questions? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes" I invite you down to Old Dominion Brewery on Sunday at 4:15 pm to watch the Bears take on the Eagles in Philadelphia.

At the very least, you can get drunk.


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Edmund Dantes said...

oh you bet I'm excited. The best part is for all of scott's going to kill me, Danielle trusts my ability to kill you over yours against me. Its probably because I might be evil, calculating, and might be poisoning you. Anyway, everyone should come down. If Devin Hester does run one back, my roar scared people last week, imagine this week.