Friday, October 26, 2007

SCHIP II: Judgment Clay

Yup, my title doesn't really make sense in the traditional sense...not much I do does. PS, the reference to Judgment Clay is to a Super Nintendo game way back when called Clayfighters and its sequel C2: Judgment Clay. Random huh? Anyway, the House was 265 to 142 with many not being able to vote due to the fires in California which is understandable but that shouldn't stop the vote. No one should criticize holding a vote after the Republicans had an emergency session for Terri Schaivo. 2/3rds has not been reached again. The President will veto it again. I want the SCHIP bill thrown at him again, and again, and again if necessary. I also want a reminder to all those voting against it to have to keep voting against it. Voting to keep kids from getting proper care. Almost 80% of America supports SCHIP so bring it on! There are principles and then there is stupid following of a pathetic leader.

1. Bill O'Reilly doesn't even like the tolerance of gays.

O’REILLY: Here’s — you can talk about this on your radio show tomorrow. There are millions of Americans who feel that the media and the educational system is trying to indoctrinate their children to a certain way of life, and that includes parity for homosexuals with heterosexuals.

And that’s what this Rowling thing is all about, because she sells so many books. So many kids read it, that she comes out and says, “Oh, Dumbledore is gay, and that’s great.” And this — it’s another in the indoctrination thing. That’s what the belief system is among some Americans.

MILLER: I’ll be honest with you. I don’t think you can indoctrinate a kid into being gay. You might indoctrinate him into trying it once and him going, “I guess I’m not gay.”


O’REILLY: No, but tolerance. It’s — you know, he’s not going to be gay, but it’s tolerance of it.

Yup, he's a moron.

2. The Family Securities Matters organization has released its top ten most dangerous organizations. I've almost or have done work for several of them which I find funny.

10 ) Think Progress

9 ) Muslim Student Association

8 ) CodePINK

7 ) American Civil Liberties Union, National

6 ) Family Research Council

5 ) Center for American Progress

4 ) League of the South

3 )

2 ) Universities and Colleges

1 ) Media Matters for America

Okay, I'll agree that Family Research Council and League of the South are definitely dangerous in some respect. The League of the South is remarkably absurd. However, notice number 2, universities and colleges? Seriously, this is the disdain that the far right has for anyone educated enough to question their crap. Not just one university or college but all of them. Everyone should just have high school education and only read the Bible I'm sure. I'm always amused at the hatred the far right has for Media Matters. Really? You're going to hate a group that records what people say in the media and call them out on it when they're ridiculous. Hating watchdog groups just reminds me that oversight is a good thing and those who do hate the watch dog efforts just don't want people to realize that somethings in the media are ridiculous. Furthermore, they don't want people outside of their intended audience to call them out. Another point, the organization obviously didn't research its list very well since Think Progress is a part of the Center for American Progress.

No, the groups that are some of the most dangerous, white supremest groups like that responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing, Fred Phelps' followers who are just looking to cause a massive fight at military funerals, or the KKK don't even get a second thought on that list.

3. I'm hearing about a poll that has Colbert maybe at 13% in a month. That is insane...legitimately. I love Stephen Colbert. His brand of comedy is something I love. I find it funny that that Robin Williams movie where he's faux Jon Stewart running for president has some sort of validity. But, I mean BUT, Stephen Colbert's campaign is financed by a corporation...wait President Bush's wasn't?...Okay, let me clarify, Colbert's is a stunt done by Dorito's and Comedy Central. Not quite legal to run for office. Also, he'd have to give equal time to other candidates...that's a lot of time.

4. Is it really a good idea for President Bush to take a shot at Former Governor Blano of Louisiana when you're talking about the fires in California? Quick answer, no. It reminds us about Katrina. It reminds what a fuck up President Bush was at Katrina along with everyone else. It reminds us that for a guy who keeps telling people how great a leader he is and campaigning on that, he sucked. I'd like him go back to New Orleans and work on.

5. Amy Winehouse has a disastrous concert in Zurich last night. She was drinking on stage and crying a lot. Some songs she just couldn't sing. I'm hearing that crowds thinned out within 20 minutes. Could this be because she was listed as number 2 in the most unsexy list in Maxim?

6. I hear Ellen and Portia Di Rossi have broken up. I actually like both of them though Portia Di Rossi is ridiculously attractive. Its been a weird week for Ellen if its true. I wonder if that whole dog thing had anything to do with it?

7. Holy god, Dina Lohan, mother of LiLo, is getting a tv show on E! Should be a fantastic train wreck.

8. Movies that I want to see now. I actually have finally decided I want to see Darjeeling Limited, Dan in Real Life, Nightmare before Christmas in 3D (I hopelessly love that movie and I'm an eight year old) and Gone Baby Gone. Anyone interested please inform me because it looks awful out and I think this might be a movie night or play video games night.

9. Daniel Dae Kim of Lost fame (Also Crusade which I think I only watched) has DUI. This is almost a sure thing his character is killed on the show. Sorry Jin....oh I won't drink Gin in honor, that does bad things straight up.

10. Britney Spears' hit and run charges have been dropped. She paid off the guy...seriously, she did with 1000 dollars.

11. In extra news, Tia Carrare of Wayne's World 1 and 2 and of True Lies still has a home as it has survived the fires in California for the moment. Its weird that Arnold is working on saving her house where he was trying to kill her in True Lies. She's still Shwing!

12. Finally, Paris Hilton's trip to Rwanda has been postponed. I'm hoping forever but she was going to have a reality show there with a fund raiser. While I do understand she is as thin as someone starving and thus relates, she pretty much cheapens everything she does.

WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!!!!!!!DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!!!!!!!!!

DICK CHENEY IS GOING HUNTING THIS WEEKEND. I'm hearing somewhere in New York. Hillary better watch out because DICK CHENEY IS RELENTLESS.

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