Monday, October 15, 2007

Week 6 NFL Roundup

So after a bit of a hiatus last week, I have returned to my football roundup! Naturally we headed back to ODB. I feel like it was even better this time because once again it wasn't very crowded and we had a better waiter. Which only makes things better in my mind. This week, it was only Chris and myself but things started off well when he asked whether he should get a salad or a sandwich and I looked at him and simply asked "salad?" Point made, sandwich order up!

Philadelphia AT New York Jets/Minnesota at Chicago
Luckily, both our games were on so Chris and I were able to watch quite easily. Though it was funny because the TV for our games was behind each other. Which was interesting. We'd be carrying on a normal conversation when all of the sudden one of us would start yelling and jumping out of our seat. High comedy. The Eagles game was fairly bland and if not for the victory, I'd much rather have watched the Bears game which featured a guy who could easily end up being the next great running back in the NFL. Though in what comes as a surprise to no one, Devin Hester returned a punt for a touchdown. Now, I have a question. Why do people kick the ball to Hester? To me, that is the height of insanity. I don't care how good you think your special teams are, don't kick it to him. Don't even kick it near him. Kick it out of bounds. Whats that? You'll give them good field position if you do that? Who the fuck cares! Hester will either score a touchdown or give the Bears good field position. I say you eliminate the chance of the touchdown. The Eagles play the Bears next week, and I swear to God, that if Andy Reid kicks the ball to Hester, I'm going to steal D'Jimbo's truck, drive up there, and kill him. He's pissed me off quite a bit this year and kicking to Hester would only enrage me further.

It was also at this point that Chris and I had a discussion about whether or not the Metroid Prime franchise is one of the greatest games of all time. I say no. My reasons are actually pretty simple. It didn't change anything when it comes to gaming, its always been the same game, over and over again, and quite frankly, the series was on the Gamecube and the Wii. If we are talking about recent games as some of the best games ever, the Halo franchise is definitely on the list. Halo launched the X-Box. Without Halo the X-Box would have been a failure, no doubt about it. You bought the X-Box just to play Halo. Additionally, the multiplayer in Halo redefined console multiplayer in general. Halo helped launch X-Box live. Hell, I bought an X-Box 360 just so I could play Halo 3 eventually. Then it came out and Halo 3 set the record for the one day sale of any intellectual property. Halo also redefined the way that console shooters do storytelling. To that point, no first person shooter had had such a grand plot. Most were just bad ports of PC shooters. Now you can say that the commercial success should have no bearing on the place a game holds in any list, but I would disagree. If nobody plays it, then its hard to benchmark it. Above anything else though, Halo changed a genre and became a game that all others were judged against. Metroid Prime is only judged against the other games in the series and the formula hasn't changed since the 1980's. In essence, it only updated a classic.

Also, its about this point that the Bears tied up their game with the Vikings. Chris let out a roar that I'm pretty sure scared everyone in the entire bar. To be honest, I didn't know he had the lungs for it. It was deep and gutteral and I was a little taken aback. However, the celebration was short lived and he just stood up and goes "lets leave." Fair enough.

New England at Dallas:
Now this looked like it could be an interesting game. Two unbeatens with two high octane offenses. Well one of those offenses managed to stay active the whole game. Though it was amusing to keep being reminded that TO left some idiotic self serving letter telling reporters to get their popcorn ready. Wow. That was stupid. You're playing a team that already says "everyone's against us because we're a bunch of cheaters and that asshole thinks he's going to have a good day. Well lets fuck his shit up." If anything though, the Patriots are definitely playing without class. That last touchdown to make it 48-27 was completely unnecessary. A quick kneal down was all you needed. Hell, even Junior Seau thought the game was over until they called another offensive play. Completely unnecessary and yet, I'm happy it happened to the Cowboys. Dicks.

New Orleans at Seattle:
Imagine a game that nobody cares about. No, not Carolina at Arizona. At least that game had Vinny Testaverde to make things funny. Think harder. Yup, this game. Who gives a fuck? The NFC West is a shambles and if I have to hear one more story about Katrina and the New Orleans Saints, I'm going to stab whoever is closest to me. Odds are its going to be either Chris or D'Jimbo. Unfortunate but true. If I could, I would stab someone else, but these are the rules. Anywho, Reggie Bush started to have a good game and the Saints jumped out ahead and blah blah blah and oh fuck it. I went to bed before halftime, thats how much I didn't care.

Monday night also features a pretty lackluster game. I haven't even been watching Monday night games because I've been watching Heroes. I know I have a DVR but really, I don't care. The game selection hasn't been good and as I have elaborated on numerous times in the past I hate Kornheiser on MNF. I'll start watching it once he's gone and they actually get a game I care about. New York Giants vs. Atlanta? So what.

Getcha popcorn ready.


My office team name for the week was the Alabama Hot Pocket. Doesn't that sound delicious? Well its not as delicious as it sounds. In order to achieve the Hot Pocket, one must spread your lady's vagina open, take a dump inside, and then proceed to fuck this horrible concoction of sin-against-God. Yummy!

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Edmund Dantes said...

Yeah the roar was something think...I hate Canada Jr. aka Minnesota...The Patriots are dicks...but they save my fantasy team. About tonight, what you do is play video games till Heroes is over and then watch without commercials.