Friday, November 30, 2007

Television Timeout

The time has come for someone to ake a stand. The Detroit Lions do not deserve to be on T.V every Thanksgiving. It's getting to the point that one of the things I'm tankful for is I already know the outcome of one of the games before it starts. It was fun when Barry Sanders was on the team, because everybody loved Barry Sanders. But if I wanted to watch a bad football team I would rearrange my work schedule so I could watch the Panthers on Sundays.
The Cowboys (as much as it pains me to say), have shown they can consistently put up performences on Slapsgiving that deserved to be televised. They are America's team (if you are trying to convince the rest of the world that America is full of drug users and white-trash fans). I think the Cowboys should get a game, another game between good teams should be shown, and the Lions should think about what they've done.


P.S. Maybe I would agree to a compromise where the Lions Thanksgiving game was on the NFL Network.

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