Thursday, January 24, 2008

935 Things I Hate About You (Okay, I'll be honest, its probably more)

So, I first heard about Heath Ledger's death via Lauren (friend o' the blog). I legitimately thought it was a joke. I really did think this was another weird viral Dark Knight promotion that Heath Ledger was dead and he is the Joker now. I can't help it if I'm a marketer most times during the day. Scott's hell of viral marketing going everywhere for everything is a bit of my heaven. But when I finally realized it wasn't a marketing campaign and that he was actually dead, its pretty sad. I also realized that I have seen a lot of his movies somehow. I had to watch 10 Things I Hate About You in a Lit class at one point. Its a re imagining of Taming of the Shrew. The Patriot? Yup. First Knight, yup. I got annoyed into seeing that because "Chris, c'mon it has medieval knights and jousting." Monster's Ball, Four Feathers (the remake), Ned Kelly, Brothers Grimm, Lords of Dogtown, I even saw Brokeback Mountain with ASF. Somehow, I'd seen most of his career and never actually thought about it. Its rather sad that he died leaving a 2 year old daughter. He was a pretty good actor. His Joker looks amazing and now more creepy than ever.

1. So we're still feeling the results of Hillary/Obama fighting. Yeah its dirty. Yeah, it does look bad. I truly don't like President Clinton throwing himself into the primary system like this. He's the villain. Hillary may say well Michelle Obama is involved so why shouldn't Bill. But Michelle Obama has not directly insulted Hillary nor is she the de facto head of the Democratic Party. What's funny is that Edwards came out looking decently. Though to me he looked irrelevant during the debate, he did act like an adult. What people need to realize if they haven't. The Clintons campaign hard and they don't lose. They will fight dirty and it will be brutal. The only reassuring thing for me is that the GOP field sucks. Republicans aren't big on any of them. I can't say I blame them. Some of them really were Fred Thompson supporters...yeah I know.

2. 935. Its a weird number. Its also the number a nonpartisan group developed as to the amount of lies the top administration officials had when propagating the build up to the Iraq War. These were known lies too that they say were not. Unfortunately, that just isn't true. They're rather amazing at being dishonest for someone who wanted to bring honor to the White House again...oh wait.

3. Gaza. Let me say this first. I'm actually an Israel supporter. I believe that it not only has a right to exist but it is necessary and I don't think I can exactly comprehend what its like to live surrounded by people who want to wipe you out. That said, I don't see political objectives being accomplished by making a very large prison out of Gaza and then cutting off fuel and food. Part of the Palestinian argument that is valid is the mistreatment of an entire group of people for over half a century. Having over a hundred guard posts that humiliate people every day over and over again doesn't exactly breed good will. I guess I'd be a Labor person in Israel if I lived there. I'm more about ensuring survival of Israel through peaceful means first then using force than the other way around. Whatever your viewpoint, breaching the wall isolating Gaza to buy supplies in Egypt is a depressing event. I'm still conflicted on what I would do if I were in charge of defending my country and someone was lobbing rockets at one of my towns. One thing is for sure, Abbas doesn't get political help by this.

4. Kid's don't buy drugs. Become a pop star, they give em to you for free. Its one of my favorite lines in recent memory. Kids don't get filmed during crack when everyone knows you're a cracked out crazy woman...not nearly as funny but more relevant to Amy Winehouse. Seriously, who thought it would take this long?

5. I'm hearing that Tony Romo might have broken up with Jessica Simpson. I'm laughing a lot about this. Its almost surreal.

6. Britney Spears...yes I know...was outside a school talking to herself and smoking. Now, I want to know how her handlers thought this through. Okay, you've got someone trying to get her kids back, so let's leave her alone in her craziness in front of a school because that isn't weird. I want someone in the state of California to sue the state for allowing this case to go longer than it should. No normal person would be able to go this long. Its a waste of tax dollars that I'd rather spend on my left wing social programs that everyone hates.

7. Rush Limbaugh has a girlfriend that is only 7 years older than

8. Fred Phelps is easily one of the worst people in the world. I'm not exaggerating. He wants to go protest Heath Ledger's funeral for his role in Brokeback Mountain. I was hoping his funeral would be in Australia so if Phelps went, they could take away his passport, visa, and whatever so he couldn't come back. I'm also hoping some of Ledger's family is crazy like I think most Australians are and play rugby with Phelps.

9. Paul Newman had secret surgery related to his cancer. As one of my favorite actors of all time, I hope it went well.

10. I've recently discovered Torchwood, a BBC show that's a spinoff of Dr. Who. I'm desperate for TV and Lost and Smallville don't come back for another week. Torchwood is a ridiculously good, sophisticated science fiction show. The effects could be better but the character development is really quite good. I'm glad that I didn't have other TV so I wouldn't find something like this. That said, the writers strike is being felt.

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