Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Poll: Dumping Leyla

So, we can all agree that Leyla is fairly useless on American Gladiators. We can't? Well, Chris and I think so and thats all that matters. So! In the interest of caring what you think, we have a new poll! Who should replace Leyla on American Gladiators when they eventually dump her ass?

Lets meet your lovely contestants!

Door Number 1:
Carmen Electra. As we've already stated, the producers already don't take the female half of the competition seriously, so why don't we get some crazy cleavage out there to shimmy for us? Plus, didn't she produce a bunch of videos on Strip Aerobics? I know Fury used them to get in shape.

Door Number 2:
Stacy Keibler. She's hot. She's a former wrestler. And her hair is blonder than Hogan's. What more do you need?

Door Number 3:
Torrie Wilson. Another wrestler only more current. Plus, she's probably got the same physique as most of the female gladiators. And thats a good thing. Not a bad thing. (thank you Bill Parcells Coors Light commercial...)

Door Number 4:
The former American Gladiator, Ice. This is actually a good one. You do a throwback to the old American Gladiators, bring back the most attractive one, and, in all likelihood, you give children everywhere a potent reminder on the after effects of performance enhancing drugs. Or, you show what a real American Gladiator looks like, setting the stage for some sort of "Special American Gladiators" where Ice jumps into the Joust to show these newbies what it means to knock some heads together. I smell ratings.

Door Number 5:
Hulk Hogan. Seriously, who needs another Host when you've got Hulkamania to keep you going?

If you have other suggestions, too bad. There's only 5 doors. So cast your votes now America! And let us know what you think.

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Edmund Dantes said...

The obvious choice is Stacy Keibler. She's smoking. Seriously, its ridiculous and she actually does decent in front of a camera.