Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Nicholas Cage's hair

Hi all. Long time huh? Anyway, you think I'm going to talk about political primary world right? Well yes, but all in due time. Its been a crazy end of the year/beginning of the new year. First off, you know I love baseball. Its something I truly love and I do so much that I actually looked at the Hall of Fame ballot results this morning and saw that Chuck Knoblauch got a vote. Now Goose Gosidge got in so I'm not complaining about that. Jim Rice was 17 short I think. But Chuck Knoblauch?! I want to know the one reporter who said "This guy is a hall of fame baseball player." This is even after he was on that steroids list. This better be his mom who is the reporter who voted for him. I'm sure his dad knows better because he watched him play. I was talking to my friend Christy last night and she observed that Mike Gravel received 133 votes or something like that in New Hampshire. Who are these people? You might as well be voting for fact I'd have more respect for you if you did. Okay that's off my chest. Onto primary news.

Congrats to Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee for winning in the Iowa Caucus with large margins. Congrats to John McCain and Hillary Clinton for great comeback wins in New Hampshire. I still hated that Hillary Clinton cried and that somehow humanizes her. I still hate politicians who cry and hope for political gain. I don't know what New Hampshire really does for the race except put Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at virtual standstill which is going to be great to watch. Perhaps, New Hampshire just likes being weird and unique and it means not a thing. I kinda like on the Republican side that the guy with the most money (Romney) hasn't come close to winning except in Wyoming (If my house moved to Wyoming, I think we'd double the population). My office and I are dying for Romney to be the candidate because that should be easy to take down. Michigan will be fun for the Republicans and by fun I mean something fierce. South Carolina will be the who's the black candidate debate somehow for the Democrats. Game on people.

A list for the past few weeks which includes Vegas trip

1. Go see Beatles Love at the Mirage in Vegas. It reaffirmed my love for the Beatles and it was just so cool.

2. I watched the entire first season of Pete and Pete when I was in Detroit and I really miss that show. I also want everyone to take a moment and think about Artie the Strongest Man in the World.

3. I hate New Yorkers...the city people. I legitimately heard a couple complain that Las Vegas wasn't enough like New York. I just started laughing at it being a scene from My Boys.

4. I have a crackberry now and am already trying to not be addicted to it.

5. I bought my brother the game Rock Band for Christmas and found it to be addictive like crack. However, if I play Nirvana's In Bloom one more time I'll snap. Seriously, the drum kit, two guitars, and a singer make it so much fun. My brother's friend Sam may make it the funniest game ever.

6. I'm declaring a Fatwa on Southwest Airlines for losing my luggage and being ass hats about it.

7. Britney Spears is still a disaster. She locked herself in a room that apparently had a gun in it because K-Fed had bought her one when they were together...I say worst idea ever a lot but I might actually believe it this time. Oh she spoke with a British accent when they strapped her to a gurney to take her to a hospital...creepy, I saw the Exorcist, I know how this works.

8. Vegas is still really trashy though I had great food and I stayed at the Belagio. I mean that shouldn't surprise you about it being trashy but I want to know who the producer was that said Producers, great, hilarious and a popular stage act....we need Tony Danza. I'm literally demanding to know Who's the Boss. But Tony Danza is the star of the Producers in Vegas...Its fitting I guess. I didn't see it but I do believe Angels were working for him to get the role.

PS. I still think Vegas is filled with trashy tourists from across the globe to create a melting pot of trash...Think New Jersey and apparently the Pennsylvania sports fans wrapped with Japanese and various rude Middle Eastern tourists.

PPS. Sigfried and Roy jokes aren't really funny anymore though walking by the creepy tiger statue with their heads is kinda funny in that they try to hide it. Now the tiger cage is a dolphin tank too.

9. I thought about getting my New York Times subscription back awhile back. I won't now since they've hired Bill Kristol....he's worthless and he even screwed up his first opinion piece.

10. Movies! I saw a ton of them. Star out National Treasure II, entertaining but dumb. I don't understand why Nicholas Cage started to look like Tom Hanks in the Da Vinci Code with that goofy hair. BTW, NTII was a Rock reunion for Ed Harris and Nicholas Cage! Now they need Sean Connery. Charlie Wilson's War. I loved it. Quick witted and a great cast. It made me miss West Wing again with the Aaron Sorkin script. Walk Hard. WARNING: There is Dudity. I was warned (Thanks Steve). There is a lot of it. Funny movie but it can wear you out. I still think ripping out sinks is funny though. Look for Jack White of the White Stripes doing an odd Elvis impersonation. Also check out who are the Beatles in it. I also saw Aliens Vs Predator II and actually enjoyed it. It isn't brilliant or ground breaking. Its stupid fun and it literally does tribute to every Alien movie and Predator movie. I had a good time with it but its every cliche that only a fan could love. I'm dying to see Juno before Cloverfield comes out. Who wants in?

11. I picked up the new Cult album and really enjoy it. Get your 80s on!

12. I recently changed comic book stores which is a big deal. You can catch me at Fantom Comics in Union Station on Wednesdays now before class.

13. If you haven't heard about the Hard Lessons, itunes them. They're great and they're friends of my brothers.

14. AMERICAN GLADIATORS! I love it. Its brutal on the contestants as they get pounded by Roid ridden freaks. One woman tore her ACL I'm almost sure of it. A game I've been playing has been how many sexual comments can the announcer make about Crush? Furthermore, how long during a day can I go talking like the announcer before I get hit? Plus there is Hulk Hogan. The show is endlessly entertaining for all the right and wrong reasons.

15. Watching Oceans 11 at 4 AM which is about robbing the Belagio while staying at the Belagio made me laugh.

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Scott said...

You should point out that Ron Paul got 8% of the Republican vote. At least Gravel didn't even get 1%. The man wants to bring back the gold standard! Does no one want to admit how crazy and stupid that is!?!? Gold standard, people!