Sunday, February 24, 2008

And the Winner is....

Okay, these are just notes that I was taking during the Oscars going on right now. My notes literally go all over the place and aren't in order.

-Wow, George Clooney really is the man...seriously.
-Why am I not finding Jon Stewart very funny?
-Is Nicole Kidman human? I don't think the Stepford Wives movie was fiction...
- God, I don't care about these songs...I find that's the same case every year.
-The little skit of the guys from Superbad, Knocked Up and etc was funny.
-Why is John Travolta dancing? Is that real hair or spray paint?
- Hal Holbrook has been old forever? Is that possible? I mean, is he Lazarus?
- Robert Boyle, the guy who won a special Oscar, make everyone feel young even Hal Holbrook.
- I mean, even Harrison Ford feels young now. I keep forgetting that he's with Calista Flockhart. At least I think that was could have been a cardboard cut out because they weigh the same.
- Jon Stewart is still not funny. Not really amused that I don't find him funny tonight because I love the Daily Show.
- I'm starting to think Bourne Ultimatum should have gotten more nominations for things. I loved the movie but apparently it wins all the lesser awards...
-Yes, cinematography matters a lot to me. Good for There will be Blood
-I generally can't decide if I'm into Penelope Cruz and then she speaks and I really love accents and I melt....god I can't wait for her scenes with Scarlett Johanssen.
-I'm always saddened by the memorials they have at the Oscars for people in the industry.
- A little known fact about me unless you all know which then it isn't little known is that I love movie scores. I have a massive collection of them. So best score generally means something to me. Atonement had a great score that had a life of its own in the movie.
-Holy god, this whole tribute to the troops thing bothers me. Allowing them to present the nominees for best documentary short subject is heart breaking. I mean this is how they do it? Its like when I was at hockey today and basketball last night when they gave a few seats to some soldiers. That is an easy way out into thinking you're honoring them. You want to honor them? Give them better armor, send them where they're supposed to go, and bring them home. That's supporting the troops.
-These documentary nominees say a lot about what kind of world we're living in. Ah Taxi to the Darkside won...yup the one that Discovery wouldn't air and several channels won't air because of its subject matter that the United States tortures people. I'm dying to see this documentary. I'd like to see No End in Sight as well.
-During the saying of the nominees for screenplay, I love that they show the writers typing...for those who don't know what they put screenplays on...its a computer! However, I know when I write things its on crap things like napkins, scratch pads, and other worthless things. So maybe the whole typing thing makes it look dignified.
-Diablo Cody or whatever her name is that I'm not willing to look up right now who wrote Juno was a stripper apparently before writing Juno. I can't look at her without wondering if she was any good. I live in DC aka land of terrible strip clubs. You'd think in a city where sleeze comes with the word politics it'd have great strip clubs. Nope. I guess they get private showings. I also can't quite make out what her tattoo is.
-The Best Actor montage makes me sad too. I kinda wish I made human contact that made me sad...
-Helen Mirren is kinda hot...weird huh?
-Totally rooting for George Clooney on best actor though Daniel Day Lewis was amazing and I wouldn't mind him winning. Woah Viggo Mortensen has a crazy beard...oh well Daniel Day Lewis won. I'm happy. NOT FINISHED!
- Why wasn't Daniel Day Lewis in one of the Pirates movies. He already has pirate earrings! That was a nice little speech he gave.
-Man, Sophia Loren was hot back in the day. I'm not sure anyone is her level these days as she was back in the day.
-I'm not that big on No Country for Old Men but the Coens are kinda funny themselves.
-Why does Denzel Washington look like Shaft now? Hmm...No Country for Old Men won best picture...I disagree but hey, its not a bad picture. It just didn't leave a last impression on me like Michael Clayton or There Will Be Blood did. Even Juno amused me.
-All and all, not a memorable Oscars. I'll probably post something about this tomorrow when I actually think about my post for all of 2 seconds unlike here which is just scattered. Oh wait I rarely think....
Good night and good luck.


Scott said...

DC strips clubs are where dreams go to die. I went to Good Guys one night and I swear, the stripper was a couple months pregnant. Very hard to enjoy that.

Ms ♥ Isabella said...

Thanks for the comment. I have to admit, I did a little happy dance when I read your blog and saw you didn’t think the world of No Country either.

I also thought Helen Mirren looked hot. My actual words were, “Damn, she looks amazing”…to which my boyfriend replied, “She looks…old.” Well, no accounting for taste.

As a complete and utter side note, two best places I’ve ever been for hot strippers is the Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas and pretty much anywhere in the greater Houston area.

Anywhoddle, I enjoyed your ramblings, hope you don’t mind me stopping by every once and awhile? I’ll be your sneaky blog stalker. ;)