Friday, February 22, 2008


So, I have not watched the debate last night so that's not much to me yet. I do have an opinion on John McCain v New York Times. I'll save that for Monday with the hope that some more info comes out. So with that in mind, I'm going to post a music list. These are my favorite downloads for the past month and a list of movies that you may not have heard of or forgotten you had.

1. Into the Light by Heroes and Zeros
2. Wolcott by Vampire Weekend
3. Direct Hit by Its a Bit Art Brut
4. Guilt by Association by Louis XIV
5. Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs
6. Harmonicas and Tambourines by Hot Hot Heat
7. Hear and Now by Shwa
8. Summer Bonfire by the Great Lakes Myth Society
9. Lights Out for Darker Skies by British Sea Power
10. A-Punk by Vampire Weekend

Random Movies

1. Willow- This one's for you Steve. Yup, love the movie as well. I had a such a thing for Joanne Whalley. Probably still do if offered. Anyway, it has midgets, magic, and might (I couldn't resist). The James Horner score is really good too. I always have fun with this movie.

2. Hmm..Val Kilmer thing going in this post maybe because he's the voice on Knightrider now...Real Genius- I used to watch this movie so often. I probably helped develop my personality the way it did. Its still very funny.

3. As I wear a Noah's Arcade tee shirt at work, Wayne's World I and II. Why don't people reference these movies anymore? I mean I still do but let's face it, nothing I do is the norm. Anyway, these are movies where Mike Myers was still funny and not a cartoon.

4. The Rocketeer! Holy god, I was 8 when this came out and I really wanted one of those helmets and jet packs. Look for Locke from Lost as Howard Hughes. This movie was so much fun. Timothy Dalton is the villain. I actually didn't mind him as Bond. I'm pretty sure Jennifer Connelly doesn't age too.

5. The Shadow and the Phantom movies. Yes, I clump them together. Its no secret that I can be old. I love old radio shows and these movies were also a ton of fun. Do you remember when Alec Baldwin wasn't a joke but a good looking guy who could do action? Well the Shadow isn't serious but its pulp fun. The Phantom with Billy Zane and Kristy Swanson is also in the same vein. Billy Zane used to be a waiter at a deli in Chicago so he's always got a popularity with my family. I still have a thing for Kristy Swanson somehow. The movie so comic booky that its entertaining.

6. Hook. I enjoyed it as something different with Peter Pan. Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams come on.

7. Equilibrium. Christian Bale's prototype for Batman. So god damn cool. Great fighting too. Dystopia 1984esque world is just what you need.

8. I'm going to throw in Boondock Saints, The Big Lebowski, and Swingers as movies that my friends and I used to watch on a religious basis. Just wanted to remind myself and others that we should do a movie festival.

9. PCU. Jeremy Piven. College. Missing his hair at that point too. Hilarious movie about college and schools who take themselves too seriously.

10. The American President and the Contender. I'm a cliche liberal but man, I love the cast of these movies and the political scripts.

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