Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Now that I have your attention. Hey there. That's a headline from the freakishly conservative Drudge Report yesterday...how phallic of him. Matt Drudge loves outing people on their sexuality but god help you if (and there are a lot of rumors) he might be outed. Nevertheless, never doubt that Drudge tries to grab your attention in weird ways.

So I've been away for a bit. Lots of work and school work. Trying to y'know figure out things. Today is the Potomac Primaries so if you're a DC/VA/MD voter, get out there and vote. I really do hate people who don't vote. If you do not vote in primaries, then you do not have a right to complain about the candidates. If you do not vote in general elections, you do not have a right to complain about what politicians in the election. Its that simple.

1. Yup, its a tight race on the Democratic side of things. Obama has been taking more states and apparently has more delegates even with the dreaded superdelegates. I find it amazing that people have mistaken primaries for Democracy. Primaries are to determine things for the party. Its their rules and superdelegates are just people who consistently are active in the party. People like former presidents, all of Congress, the governors, and etc. There are random ones like Jim Roosevelt, the grandkid of FDR. Its because we (Democrats) worship the Houses of Kennedy and Roosevelt. The Clintons only dream of such a worship. But, its their party and they'll cry if they want to. Don't worry, I don't think superdelegates will determine this race. We should know more of the fate of this race next month. Texas and Ohio...I hate Ohio.....

2. These things I normally defer these things to Scott but really, having Tim Russert talk about cooking a squirrel with Mike Huckabee is just odd and hilarious. What do you think squirrel tastes like? I'm so glad Huckabee is staying in the race. Romney dropped out to do his Reagan impression. Ronald Reagan dropped out of the 76 primary for the good of the party and then came back four years with Carter and trounced him. That trickster Romney!

3. Writers' Strike is Over! Oh wait....you mean we don't get our beloved TV shows back right away...and some not at all? Yeah, that's the truth of it. The companies won out I think. I mean, they proved that they can withstand a strike with reality tv. Its okay because we might have a SAG strike this summer. Anyway, good bye Big Shots and Bionic Woman, it looks like they're canceled. There will be more shows canceled. Most shows won't be back till maybe April and many will only return next fall. Lost fans should be happy. We should see the first episode created this spring right when this older batch is done. We may even get a full season!

4. Amy Winehouse won a grammy and just dominated the Grammy's! Looking at her on satalite because she didn't get her Visa in time, I just marveled at what a cartoon she is. I swear she's from AHHHH! Real Monsters. And Herbie Hancock?! Really? Huh....

5. Does anyone remember Shannon Doherty? I do.

6. Mel Gibson is being sued....not by police...no, not by anyone Jewish....by his writer for Passion of the Christ. Apparently, Mel told his writer that he wasn't going to make any money off the movie that the 5-7 million he thought it would make would go to the crew...This was supposed to be his gift to Roman Catholicism...yeah hundreds of millions of dollars later...and different story.

7. Roy Scheider died. I was saddened by this. "You're going to need a bigger boat." That's his most famous line from the classic Jaws. He actually was supposed to be in Deer Hunter, another classic, but had to be in Jaws 2 which is a bad movie. He was in 2010, Marathon Man, All That Jazz, and Seaquest DSV. Ah Seaquest and that dolphin Darwin. Scheider seemed like he was in his 50s forever and then suddenly seemed old when I saw him in the Punisher. RIP Roy Scheider.

8. I still think Pats/Red Sox and New York fans in general are annoying. I can't wait for baseball season.

9. Everyone knows I'm a Beatles fan so I thought this was interesting.

10. Go buy Vampire Weekend's debut record. Its very cool. Kinda a mix of the Police and the Clash. I like it a lot.

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