Friday, February 1, 2008

Amazingly Enough

As you all may have noticed, our poll has ended. I actually forgot when it ended and so I may be a day late here, but whatever. In any event, we actually have a tie. I'm impressed that as many people voted as they did, but still, you all disappoint me greatly. Why a tie?

The winners of our poll to replace the useless Leyla Ali are Stacy Kiebler, and the former American Gladiator now known as Ice. Oddly enough, a few days after we started our poll, Ice came out and declared she was gay. I find the timing interesting. Did our poll have anything to do with it? I choose to believe that it did.

So what do you all think? Should we run another poll? A run-off to see who, among our two winners is the actual winner or do we declare it a draw and find a job for both of them on the show? Is this perhaps a poll in its own right? Use the comments section to let me know.


Edmund Dantes said...

Because I do not support terrorism, I say we have a run off election. Ties are for terrorists. I don't mean the good ties like you wear. The bad ones that Gronowski and Evans support. So if you support democracy, you'll let the supreme court choose your candidate.

Steve said...

So no good word about the possible Paris Hilton/Elisha Cuthbert hook-up session?...I worry about you guys sometimes

Edmund Dantes said...

I want pics first

Scott said...

I do not support beastiality and lets face it... anything involving Paris Hilton is just that. I refuse to give that harpy anything but short shrift in this blog.