Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We're Getting Closer

Ah, I knew I'd confuse many of you with our latest poll! In our latest poll, the idea of having a run off received more votes than not having the run off. But! The clear winner of our poll was pie. And who can blame you? Pies are delicious. Therefore, we are going to have one last poll on this topic before I leave it alone. That dead horse behind me? I give you all a bag of sticks. Have fun.

Who should replace Leyla?

Stacy Kielber: She's hot. I'm sure there are other important things to consider and mention, but honestly, I haven't really thought about them.

Former Gladiator, Ice: She was the most attractive Gladiator during the last running. Also, being a former Gladiator she may have some good insights. Like I said, I see a very special American Gladiators where Ice just suddenly goes "Fuck this! I'll show you candy-asses how we did it back then!" and then she just goes and wrecks some poor competitor. I would pay money to see this.

Pie: You all showed me that you like pie, so I am listening to the will of the people. Should we replace Leyla Ali with a pie? Perhaps a different one each week? We can use it as an incentive for crossing the finish line. Whoever finishes the Eliminator first not only wins but also gets a pie! A new flavor each week! Maybe Hulk Hogan will eat it while no one's looking and we could all wonder why his facial hair is suddenly the color of blueberries.

And just so you all know, I am fully aware that the finale happened already. Think of this as being for Season 2. Make your voices known.

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