Sunday, February 24, 2008

Are you British or just retarded?

Recently, Q Music, polled British citizens, to see what the top 50 British CDs of the last 50 years were.

Coming in at number one was Oasis' first CD, Definitely Maybe. Number two was Oasis' second CD, (What's The Story) Morning Glory. Number three was OK Computer by Radiohead. Number four was Revolver by the Beatles.

I want you to sit and think about for a second. The Beatles, possibly the best rock band of all time, apparently did not have a single album better than the first two albums produced by Oasis. Not only this, but think about your favorite Oasis songs. Wonderwall? Champagne Supernova? Don't Look Back In Anger? All on the second Oasis CD. So not only was Oasis apparentl better at producing a CD than any band in British history, but their CD with most of their famous songs is better than their CD which contains songs I don't remember.

Surprisingly, I have other issues with this list. One, four of the top 22 are Oasis CDs. Two, Amy Winehouse is on the list.

Let me give a short list of some British bands that I might have listed before Oasis. Beatles, The Who, The Clash, Davis Bowie, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, possibly even Spinal Tap.

Also, I was shocked that I didn't see any CDs by Driveshaft. If you are going to place Oasis so high, you have to include Driveshaft.

I would like to challenge any who reads this blog to submit a list of your top 5 British CDs of all time.

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