Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valerie Evans is a Dalek and Your Mom Probably is One Too!

Holy god, it has been awhile. Anyway, take that dictators! Castro is stepping down as President. He's 81 and has been de facto if not de jure leader of Cuba since 1959. I remember a doctor in Cuba saying that Castro should live to 122 so he's got a ways to go. Does anyone else think that the CIA not being able to take out Castro back during the Cold War was the first evidence that they were incompetent? I mean, I'm not advocating assassination of Castro but that was a big assignment for the CIA and they came up with plans to poison his cigar...FEEBLE.

Another smack was Pervez Musharraf's party getting beat in Pakistan. It finished third. What kind of dictator finishes third? Even our support of dictators has gone feeble. I went to the Wikipedia page to see some probably inaccurate numbers and they were showing and they had flags by the political parties and one of them is an animated gif of a red flag. I just found it really odd.

My Pet Goat=very jealous

Lastly, take that HD. My blu-ray player which is my PS3 that rarely gets played as a DVD player beat Scott's HD player that is actually an XBox 360. Toshiba is abandoning HD! Now HD discs can seek friendship with DIVX and Laser discs. Now onto the list.

1. Does anyone care what spouses of candidates say? I think I only care about Bill Clinton because he's Bill Clinton 42nd President. I honestly don't care what Michelle Obama says. She's great and all but not relevant. I don't care what John McCain's wife says. I kinda think she looks like what Barbie would look like at 50. So when someone says something like this is the first time in their adult life that they're really proud of their country, people do take pause. It wasn't particularly wise but Michelle Obama does not equal Bill Clinton. Her comments are gravy if anything. I heard one conservative commentator calling this another example of how Democrats are unpatriotic. This isn't unpatriotic. Unpatriotic is profiting off your country's troops while they're off at war. Unpatriotic is instilling fear into people so that you can be elected because you are terrible on every issue. You want unpatriotism look at the GOP and if you think they're still patriots after everything because they "support the troop?" Well, that's amazing because I need to ask how are they patriotic?

2. Kosovo is independent. Its extraordinary. Why you ask? Because this leads to war in any other era. Kosovo seeks French, British, and American support. Serbia goes to Russia and you've got Cold War fun all over again.

3. This nearly had me thrown off my chair. Not only is the big Faux News commentator who has supported everything the Bush Administration does, but he's generally fairly annoying and comes up with really odd interpretations of law. Faux generally goes to him to justify Bush Administration beliefs and really conservative arguments in general. The FISA issue is bipartisan people and President Bush is wrong.

4. So pop culture....oh right, Big Brother is airing its 11th billion season. And apparently, someone on the show used the word retard....that's one way to bring publicity to your show. A major Autism group is demanding an apology.

5. Another season of Dancing with the Stars is coming that I probably won't watch. I didn't watch it when Kristy Swanson was on which says a lot because I think I have a decade long crush on her. But here is the lineup. Priscilla Presley, Kristi Yamaguchi and Marlee Matlin (She's deaf and has been on a lot of tv like West Wing), dam Carolla, Shannon Elizabeth, Steve Guttenberg, Monica Seles, Penn Jillette, Mario, Jason Taylor, Cristian De La Fuente and Marissa Jaret Winokur. Wait a minute....rewind STEVE GUTTENBERG!? Wow, I mean wow. I might watch just to see how many F-list jokes I can make as well as Police Academy jokes I can throw out. I've seen almost all of them. If he does a dance move called the high tower I'll give victory to him.

7. Lindsay Lohan did some photos replicating Marilyn Monroe. I will post images when I can. As I recall, Marilyn Monroe was drunk during hers so Lohan and her do have a lot in common. But Monroe is a cultural icon. She was the stuff of legends with friend/lovers JFK, Frank Sinatra, Joe DiMaggio, and Arthur Miller. She was the center of an era. Lohan is not.

8. Congrats to Sean Bean, aka 006 and Sharpe for all you anglophiles out there. He just got married for the 4th time! I feel that once you reach 4, you might as well go on to reach 6.

9. Misha Barton has gone really blonde and extensions. That's not quite the improvement that I would have liked. I'd say a cheeseburger would have been great. I'd have images but the site I was looking at yelled copyright infringement when you try to link the image.

10. So I watched Elizabeth the Golden Age...yeah its boring. I'd pass though the music, costumes, and Cate Blanchett are good. I can never look at Cate Blanchett as being attractive since she played Bob Dylan though she looked damn good in Notes on a Scandal. I also had a very me day and watched Transformers. I totally love that movie because of my inner never going to mature self. I also watched the show that I don't know why I keep watching but I do October Road. For some reason the show has a weird effect on me. I do want to know where in Massachusetts are there so many hot women. I mean seriously? But, the show is written so poorly yet I enjoy it. I have no idea why.

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