Wednesday, February 20, 2008


In case you ever thought this blog's eccentricity was really well thought out....well you're wrong. a conversation from this morning.

me: you know those jimmy dean commercials with the sun cooking breakfast?
scott: vaguely
me: I'm really disturbed by them
like how does the sun have sex? and why is hte sun's kid a whiny little brat?
scott: the sun could be a nanny
me: and why does he need an oven
oh its his kid

and he has a wife too which I think is way below the sun's league
scott: you have heard of "solar flares" right?
me: and how did the sun hit on his wife when they met? say I'm hot for you?
I kinda want to punch the sun in the commercial
like who the hell do you think you are giving me breakfast advice? You're already giving me cancer. Would this be a hate crime?
scott: you would think that the sun would be a super great stalker
he sees you
me: yeah creepy, he's like the police song every breath you take
scott: i'll bet the moon is in on it too
me: oh the moon is in another commercial with crappy mcsun
he eats cereal which is perfectly sensible
I've got no beef with the moon
scott: haha
btw, i heard these two people talking today and one of them reminded me of you
he was going on and on and on about something and then he goes "so i need to get my drivers license before my next job. or i need to make enough money where i can hire a car service. either or."
me: haha
scott: i was like 'thats something chris would say"
me: its true. that's exactly my line of thinking
scott: i knew it!
me: I totally want to have the Shadow's life. notice he never drives, he has an army of followers who drive him around
scott: i'll have to take your word for it
me: the only negative would be having hte name lamont cranston
which may or may not be his name really
scott: oooh yeah, that would suck ass
me: god I love old radio shows
scott: you really do love the strangest things
me: I seriously want to make a youtube video of someone fighting a guy in a sun suit
scott: i'm going to post a new poll
stacy kiebler, ice, or pie
me: nice
I think I'm going to post our conversation we just had if you don't mind
scott: about the sun guy?
me: yeah, I'm still weirded out by it
scott: haha
go for it

This isn't rare to have conversations like this. If you know others like this, buy them a pie.

Beware Valerie Evans. She's a Dalek.

Here's a picture of Stacy Kiebler

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Nicole said...

FYI, the sun is talking to a cloud in the Jimmy Dean commercial with the cereal. The sun tells the cloud to try something hot for breakfast and the cloud says that he likes cereal and the sun wouldn't understand because it's a cloud thing. In the commercial with the moon, the moon and sun have a solar eclipse.