Monday, December 10, 2007

The Dream

Hey I'm back. Anyway, I have this dream..seriously, I do...about making a play list based on the days of the week. My rules are that the title doesn't have to have a day of the week but it helps. The general rule is that you should like the songs you choose. Here's by candidate list. It isn't finalized and these are done without research since I'm fairly exhausted and my mind is a bit numb.

1. Monday: I Don't Like Mondays by the Boomtown Rats
2. Tuesday: (This is a bit harder and hasn't been finalized since I couldn't think of that many) Ruby Tuesday by the Rolling Stones or maybe Tuesday's Gone by Lynard Skynard
3. Wednesday: (Ridiculously Hard as I could only think of one) Wednesday Morning: 3 AM by Simon and Garfunkle
4. Thursday: A lot of people would think I'd go Thursday's Child by David Bowie or Thursday Morning by the Hollies...nope. I'm going with a favorite song of mine Ordinary World by Duran Duran. First lyric is about a rainy Thursday...I could go back to Thursday's Child for consistency though...
5. Friday: Easy one, Friday, I'm in Love by the Cure.
6. Saturday is a big, that's a pun...I hate myself...Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting by Elton John or Saturday Night by the Bay City heard me. Saturday Morning by the Eels could get in there too.
7. Lastly, Sunday: Sunday, Bloody Sunday by U2. Sunday Morning Coming Down by Johnny Cash could get in there at some point when I'm 50.

So that's my list of week day blues...Got one yourself? I'd love to hear suggestions since well this is a product of my head. Now onto the list.

1. Mormon, flipflopper, panderer, presidential candidate, you're no Jack Kennedy! Mitt Romney gave a speech last week where he was going to explain Mormonism and that whole religious aspect of his ambitious self. John Kennedy, the United States' first Catholic President, gave a speech over 40 years ago clarifying Catholicism in his life and what it would be like in his presidency. Its a remarkable speech. Mitt Romney tried to do the same....except he pandered to the religious right instead detailing how religious he is and etc...unfortunately, Catholicism is not the same as Mormonism. At the time of Kennedy, Catholicism could be examined with over a thousand years of documentation. Mormonism is a little more confusing to many Americans. In fact, I'm hearing Mormonism more and more put with Scientology. I've also heard heresy is a popular word when talking about Mormonism. So his speech just went to the right wing and made himself a pseudotheocrat. Apparently, his spokesperson isn't sure if Atheists and non believers have a role in the United States. So checklist, he doesn't think Muslims have a role in his government, check. He doesn't think Atheists should in American society, check. Christians! A okay! Mitt Romney seems to take issue with everyone elses' faith, why can't they do so on him.

2. I'm amazed Rudy Giuliani went on Meet the Press. I'm more amazed that Tim Russert actually decided to hit him with hard questions. What doesn't surprise me? Laughing is not a way to answer a question, Mr. Giuliani. He kinda just kept laughing like he was on Joker gas when asked why his firm worked for Hugo Chavez or about his tax payer funded booty calls.

3. Let me preface this by saying that I've got some weird crush on Dana Perino, the President's spokesperson. I think she's kinda hot for some reason. I never said she was very smart. She apparently had to ask her BRITISH husband the difference between the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Bay of Pigs because she thought they were the same thing! Sometimes America scares me...okay most times.

4. Mike Huckabee pulled out his Margaret that sounds it could be something so masochistic ....anyway, Huckabee apparently wanted to quarantine AIDS victims in the 90s...proving once more, that Mike Huckabee, though likeable, is backwards. Between this and his own Willie Horton problem, they're going hit him harder as they dig deeper.

5. Howie Long is a douche bag. This is him yesterday morning, "Mike Martz suffers from a rare form of the Al Gore syndrome, where Al still thinks he’s the president and Mike Martz still thinks he’s the head coach…” Really? I mean Really? Howie is this like that time you thought you were an action star? I remember Firestorm you dimwit. Al Gore syndrome? Don't you have an irrelevance syndrome? Shouldn't you be doing Radio Shack commercials? Oh that's right, those were awful. You suffered from thinking you were actor. Before Howie Long makes stupid statements like this, he probably should realize that Al Gore just got a Nobel Prize and an Academy Award. What's Howie Long's movie career been up to?

6. Oprah is really surprising me. I didn't think she could adapt to message as well as she should. Obama is getting record crowds...its a hell of a move to hit this close to Iowa.

7. Scott Baio got married...weird huh? I guess that's the finale to his reality show Scott Baio: Single...I'm not even joking.

8. Tiki Barber is a pillow muncher on Project Runway...Thanks Vicky

9. Amy Winehouse...honestly, just google image her coked out wonder.

10. So I was watching late night TV last night and a few things occurred. One was that I realized for the 47th time that Misha Barton was in the Sixth Sense and I tried to think about when was it that we all realized that Bruce Willis didn't have hair? I mean it was on a permanent thin during Die Hard. The Sixth Sense had that layer that lasted so long...Another question that kicked in was how long was he faking it? Another, thing that happened was a weird transformation occurred when I was watching the Amazing Race. I've slowly began watching it in utter fascination. Its stressful TV with some great editing. Anyway, the Amazing Race does a few things. It makes seemingly normal people look crazy and weird people look normal. I found myself rooting for the hippies for some reason I still can't figure out. The Goth people are fairly entertaining too. But man is there a lot of crying in that show. The relationships that seem like they were normal at some point but then crying comes and shouting and its amazing to watch. My ideal amazing race is utterly savage. You give a set amount of money, a video camera that the team must have at all times and tell them to get across the globe or something like that. The camera must be on all the time and to be replaced at certain points on the globe. None of these mini games. I'd have them have to get across real threats like the desert..okay maybe not that part...but you get it...hopefully.

11. Goodbye Michael Vick... no one likes you. You'll be in jail 23 months...yeah he'll get out early but I'll miss Olker being pissed about Michael Vick. Madden video games won't be the same.

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