Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fracking Nematodes!

Say that outloud. I just thought I'd blend some pop culture into the title. Anyway, on Thanksgiving, one of the Nickelodeon spinoff channels aired the first episodes of some of my favorite shows of all time. Doug, Rugrats, AHHH Real Monsters, Rocko's Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy, and Angry Beavers all on the same day. My brother and I DVRed the whole set. I was thinking about how much I enjoyed them and realized that cartoons are one of the aspects of our lives that haven't progressed well. There have been some very good cartoons in the past few years like the Justice League Unlimited (now ended due to soul less people). Even The Batman show has gotten better though its start was god awful. But I hear things like the Rugrats are in high school now....yes I feel old, and I'm disappointed. I blame developments like Pokemon and all that weird Japanese cross promotional video game/card game/ something cartoons. But there aren't any shows that are as fun as Doug and Rugrats were. There aren't any ones as quirky as Rocko's Modern Life and Angry Beavers were. I feel I have to be somewhat high to enjoy spongebob square pants. Finally, there isn't any show on the level that Batman: The Animated Series was. I mean that show was amazing and it didn't treat everyone like they were idiotic 4 year olds. Did it have guns? yes. Was it perhaps too violent? Anytime someone says that a cartoon is too violent when its on Saturday mornings, I tend to look at them funny because I can't stand dumb down might be pill poppingification of our pop culture. I see that Transformers is coming back as a cartoon...already I have my doubts that it'll be any good but I am judging that the cartoons l0oks like really bad anime. This March or maybe February, DC Comics is going to release New Frontier. Its an amazing graphic novel and the cartoon is being done by the creator. Go buy it when it comes out.

1. Tony Perkins, of crazy right wing Family Research Council (Rightwing people love to stress Family and research but I have my doubts on both), would like everyone to believe that secularists and their media are to blame for yesterday's shooting in a church....not that they rejected him and kicked him out of the missionary school that he shot up...nope....

2. It seems the CIA and the Bush Administration have acknowledged one big thing if you want to hold them accountable...they can't hold you accountable if you destroy the evidence. Oh obstruction....huh, well don't question your commander in chief!

3. I was reading the Washington Post and I noticed that there is an article on judging Hillary Clinton on her pants suits. Asking how many she has and etc. Well, should we go question the suits of every candidate? I'm glad we're talking about real issues.

4. Why is it that every time I hear Bill Kristol say something I keep hoping its Billy Crystal that'll show up? Bill Kristol needs to get a pie in the face.

5. Nuff Said.

6. Holy god that is creepy and awesome. I can't wait.

7. Led Zeppelin is back.

8. THE HILLS ISN'T REAL?????!!!!!....???? NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! oh wait, this is news? Thanks Lauren Conrad. I hate the world.

9. American Gladiators is almost here! I used to watch it when it was on regularly...I absolutely loved when they added classic athletes like Walter Payton...I'd kill for a dvd of that.

10. Today, I'm going to review an episode of a show I haven't finished yet. I have 6 minutes left on my DVR of the show. So, CSI Miami is a show I adore for all the wrong reasons but to me they're right ones. Horatio Cane, played by David Caruso, may be a bigger bad ass than Jack Bauer and he has funny glasses that he takes off way too often when he wants to say something dramatic. I totally would love a fight between Jack Bauer and Horatio Cane. Anyway, the episode in question is about a missing super weapon called an evaporator or something like that. Its a big gun that fires something like 100,000 rounds a minute and completely destroys a target. I don't even know if that thing even exists. I leave that to Scott to figure out. But not only does Horatio Cane go hunting this thing but he takes on a Blackwateresque company that has been working on US soil for "national security" reasons doing things that Blackwater does...y'know kill people. Anyway, that's the gist of it really. Horatio Cane= therapy for the Jack Bauer withdrawal since well, you won't see 24 for some time with the strike and he's a bit preoccupied with jail since he's serving 48 days for his millionith DUI. That's all for now.

PS. I was thinking about the metro buses today and the ones that have the light that moves back and forth I really think should say "By your command." okay, you don't get the reference...if you do, well awesome.

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