Monday, December 17, 2007

New Poll: Who's trashier?

Its that time again my loyal minions of readership! A new poll is coming to Mr. Brooks Knocked Up Nancy Drew!

This time 'round you will have the honor of picking the trashiest fans in the NFL. Now lets take a moment to meet our lovely list of contenders.

Dallas Cowboys: They named themselves "America's Team" and their quarterback is dating a hot blond who's dumb as a... well a blond i suppose. I guess I don't really need a punchline there. Now I'm thrown for a loop.

Pittsburgh Steelers: They do carry around a towel at all times. Is it perhaps because they've been wallowing in trash and feel the need to clean off every now and again? Is that trash or class? You decide!

Philadelphia Eagles: Usually teams that spell out their own team name are pretty trashy. Add to the fact that they actually threw snowballs at Santa in the 1960's and you've got a real contender right here. Of course, they are my personal favorite team, so take that for what its worth.

Atlanta Falcon: They used to be called the Dirty Birds. They still support Michael Vick. Plus, its Atlanta. Does the Deep South also mean Deep in Trash?

New York Giants/Jets: This one's a two-for. The Jets also only have the mental capacity to spell out their team name (though it is easier than spelling E-A-G-L-E-S... just saying) and also they pour into Radio City Music Hall every year for the NFL draft with the express purpose of booing their team's draft. The Giants on the otherhand have some of the whiniest, bitchiest players on the planet but does that extend to their fan base?

As always, please place your votes and if you would like to offer up a write in candidate, post one in the comments section.


Mike said...

I would argue since we not only have fans in Philly, but also a large contingent in South Jersey, we are odds on trashiest. But I think we pull off "hot" trashy pretty well.

Scott said...

Even though its my own poll, I'm doing a write-in. I have learned that the team I forgot that has got to be the trashiest in the NFL is the Oakland Raiders. How could I have missed them?

Danielle said...

so change/restart the poll... your trashy fan base will forgive, yet still smite, you for it

Robert said...

Step 1: Go to the South
Step 2: Look at the people who cheer for the Cowboys.
Step 3: Question why you ever doubted they had the trashiest fans.

As an addendum, the Eagles are the most classless fans.

Steve said...

Baltimore Ravens,...have you ever been to M&T? The link says it all

-Brian said...

good poll As a rule I think Philly fans are the worst fans in sports period but it's close. You'll note the only NFC East team not on your list is the Skins... not sure what that means, I'm just saying.