Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Farewell Ron Mexico

With Michael Vick's guilty plea for dog fighting we now bid farewell to one of the most undeserving shit heads to ever make it big. Personally, I was kind of hoping that Vick would actually go to trial and try to fight this. I wanted to see him squirm in his chair as witness after witness was paraded before a jury. It would have been delicious and I would have taken so much joy out of it. As you may be able to tell, I hate Michael Vick. But, I hated Michael Vick before it was cool. I hated him before the Eagles crushed the Falcons in the NFC divisional game on their way to the Superbowl. What were my reasons?

Reason the first: He's not a good quarterback. I'll admit that he wins games, but as a quarterback he sucks giant hairy donkey balls.

Reason the second: Vick supporters. Certain sports fans annoy the hell out of me. The worst thing about Vick fans is that there really was never any grand accomplishment to shove in peoples' faces. At least the Colts and the Patriots have had a championship (note to Colts and Patriots fans... you may be targeted as football season continues).

Reason the third: Totally overhyped. As I mentioned before, Vick always lacked any real accomplishment. And yet, we were constantly embroiled in this idiotic debate over how good he could become. And there was always evidence, one way or the other, that he had arrived or that he would never improve. The problem, to me at least, was that the 'moments' where he arrived were fleeting while the trends that he would never improve only continued to build. But when you pointed this out you were missing the big picture or you were rascist. Bull-fucking-shit.

Reason the fourth: He's a shit head. I don't even have to argue this one.

Reason the fifth: I'm actually going to miss him to a certain extent. And that is the most galling part about the bastard. At least when he played I had someone to hate. Now who am I going to hate? Eli Manning? He's not even worth the effort and he's in my goddamned division!

In summary,

Farewell Ron Mexico. Get cancer.



Apparently the NAACP feels that Mr. Mexico should be allowed to return to the NFL and to Atlanta Falcons in specific. Now, I won't be saying this often but the NAACP sucks ass. Michael Vick should not be allowed to play in the NFL ever again. Ever. Organizations need to learn how to pick their fights and this is a fight that no one should be picking. We should literally just shovel the last bit of dirt on Vick's playing career and move on. Fuck the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP.

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Edmund Dantes said...

Its a crime that Ron Mexico jerseys are available through official NFL circles. Also, I'm so glad that Michael Vick has been responsible for many fantasy football team names yet again this year.