Thursday, August 23, 2007

What's Your Fantasy?

When I started doing fantasy sports it was about winning the league. Then, it transformed into winning the league so we could win the money we bet on the league. Eventually, fantasy sports evolved (devolved?) into who could come up with the most offensive team name (a way to win that had nothing to do with drafting skills)

With that, I came up with offensive names for fantasy teams in each sport. All of the names are 20 characters or less, per Yahoo rules.

1) Donaghy's Dudes
2) Wilt's100-20,000Club
3) The Kobe Ski Trips
4) JayWilliamsOnAVespa
5) Rudy T Face Punchers

1) Selig's Taint
2) B*nds B*ys
3) Human Growth Homies
4) TheMarichalBatAttack
5) Mendoza Coke Lines

1) Bad Newz Kennels
2) Eli's Draft Face
3) TheTheismanBentLegs
4) BrownsInTheSuperBowl
5) MikeVick'sRapeStands

I don't have any names for these. If you play fantasy hockey you are either an idiot, or even worse Canadian.

If you can think of other inappropriate names for fantasy sports teams feel free to post them.



Scott said...

Remember when I named my team "Katrina" when Jeff Good was in the league?

Brian said...

"TheTheismanBentLegs" makes my soul hurt... and my Fibula and Tibia...