Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This is what happens when your office is empty and fairly quiet

Okay, so my office is quiet today and I'm waiting for responses to things I've been working on so I thought I'd do another post before I go later today to celebrate the great tradition of picking up my comic books.

1. Did you know that Burt Reynolds and Lee Corso were college room mates? Yeah, the things you learn on morning tv. Anyway, that sky rockets them to number 3 on my favorite celebrity college room mate list behind Christopher Reeves/Robin Williams and Al Gore/Tommy Lee Jones.

2. I think there should be drug competitions between Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse. They can even do couples matches Kate Moss joining Pete Doherty vs Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil. Lindsay Lohan should be allowed to compete as well. Robert Downey Jr. should be the judge.

3. Speaking of drugs, I hear Emeril Lagasse is really into cocaine. I'm not sure entirely why I find that funny but I do. Something oddly curious about screaming BAM! around coke.

4. Still can't row a boat in Call of Duty 3

5. The Cubs shouldn't play games at 10:15 at night. I don't care its in San Francisco, I get to watch maybe 3 innings and that's only 3 innings of me hating Barry Bonds....I'm going to a Nat/Giants game next week and I'm going to heckle Bonds even if my parents are in the stands with me.

6. So I work in political consulting and marketing and things like this amuse me, Ari Fleischer and his group "Freedom Watch" are launching a large ad campaign for support of the Iraq War. 20 states and heavily patriotic in that weird way that Republicans can only do it. Anyway, a big line from the campaign is “For people who believe in peace through strength, the cavalry is coming." Really that's the line. Something very disturbing about thinking that Ari Fleischer is the cavalry for Iraq War supporters....

7. If Bill O'Reilly's head explodes on Sunday, you can blame NBC finally legitimately for something. Keith Olbermann goes goes live before the Sunday Night Football game this week. I love it.

8. I finally got around to watching last week's Entourage....if you aren't watching the show, why? Its fantastic. Ari Gold is easily my favorite character.

9. Is it me or does George Tenet look like the cab driver in How I Met Your Mother? Except I think I'd probably trust the actor who plays the cabbie more. Yeah Yeah, he was a Clinton appointee. Gonzo, Rummy, Cheney, Condi, and a humbled Colin Powell counter any of that crap.

10. Oddest movie to come out this summer comes out this Friday. September Dawn is the 9/11 story done old school. I'm not kidding. Its like someone went to Wikipedia and searched what else happened on 9/11 throughout history and found a story about insane Mormons attacking people migrating to California. Apparently, religious rituals are shown in the movie and it portrays the Mormons and their leader Brigham Young as crazy. The massacre of the Californians is covered up and now Mitt Romney and his crazy eyes are running for president. Well not exactly the path that allowed for Romney to run but man, as if Big Love didn't make Mormons look creepy enough.

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