Thursday, August 23, 2007

On that cheerful note

I'm thinking I'm going to stick to the 9.467 things format. You ask what happened to the .543? I full well acknowledge that sometimes I almost make half a point sometimes in my ten. Ok, onto the ten.

1. In today's Express paper, I saw a two headed cow. Not even kidding, a two headed cow. Now, some might be wondering what kind of environmental hazard would create such an animal? Not me, I'm wondering the important questions in life. Does a two headed cow make a better cheese burger or steak? How about veal?

2. I want to thank Lindsay Lohan for the reaffirmation that celebrities are indeed a superior race of people and are allowed winning 8th grade arguments. It wasn't mine I was holding it for someone else or whatever combination she said of it about cocaine. With Michael Vick being taken down and Paris Hilton spending some time in jail, I almost had my whole reality shaken up that celebrities could be held accountable. Luckily, Lindsay Lohan will be able to make many more movies about the clumsy, well intentioned hot girl who has bad luck. Mean Girls II anyone?

3. Yesterday was a great day because I pick up my comics. You may ask how is it someone could be proud that they spend 50+ dollars on picture books with Superman and such. Yeah, well, tell that to the millions of people who enjoyed Batman Begins that there a lot more stories like that. Plus, a planet that fights as in this week's Green Lantern Corps is just cool to me.

4. 30-3...Really, that's not a football score. Its not a cricket score....(Actually I have no idea how cricket scores look and I lived in London for a time) 30-3 is a baseball score. One of my housemate's favorite team was beaten 30-3. The Os have had a rough year but to be beat by one of the worst teams in major league baseball is hilarious. The Rangers are just terrible. The best part, the Baltimore Orioles resigned their manager for another 5 years or something like that right before the game. That's called inspiration.

5. President Bush referenced a favorite writer of mine yesterday, Graham Greene. Yes I'm somewhat literate...okay I'm mostly illiterate, read comic books, and watch too much tv. But anyway, he referenced the Quiet American. Seriously, he did this to bolster support for the Iraq War. Wow, did he miss the point of that book or at least his speech writer did. Go to a library or Amazon or whatever and buy the book.

6. I find Cate Blanchett be strangely attractive. She looked damn good in Notes on a Scandal and she's a pretty good actress. She's going to dressing up like Bob Dylan in a recent project....the question is after that do I find her still hot?

7. Greatest news ever! American Gladiators is coming back to tv on NBC soon! For all those saving Nitro and Turbo jokes for the past decade, release the dogs of war! I am way too excited about this but man, is NBC not doing great with their shows. PLEASE DON'T DO ANYTHING TO THE OFFICE!

8. Tom Brady is a dad now....Bridget Moynahan is the mom...she's a milf now. That kid better to go Michigan for college.

9. A former partner of the company I work at who now is the campaign manager of John Edwards is claiming that John Edwards is Karl Rove's worst nightmare....Really? I mean, Really? Isn't Hillary Clinton in the White House the GOP's worst nightmare? Can you imagine Sean Hannity just waking up screaming at the idea?

10. Now for my last point, I've previewed a lot of this fall's tv lineup and I'll do one a day or so. The first up is the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I'm not entirely sure what tv executive was demanding a show based on the Terminator series years after Terminator 3 came out but rock on. It takes place after Terminator 2 when John Connor and his mom are on the run. Sarah Connor is played by the chick in 300 who is the Queen in Sparta. She was part of that sex scene where every guy in the crowd started laughing/cheering. She does the tough thing pretty well and I totally think she's more attractive and more tough than Linda Hamilton who only got the role because she was married to James Cameron at the time. Anyway, the show also has Summer Glau who was in the ever so often Firefly/Serenity series. You'll have to mind that I loved that series. Though the Sarah Connor Chronicles lacks Arnold and Arnold impressions so far, its not bad. In fact with my low expectations it was pretty good. Action filled paranoia and it actually has surprises. I think I might DVR it regularly. That's all for now.

Cheers to Corgiman, Winston, and Feebleman

UPDATE! Ms. Lohan aka Firecrotch aka Mrs. Olker is being charged with 7 misdemeanors. One midemeanor gets a max of a 6 months in jail in California. A second DUI gets a year.

UPDATE II! Ms. Lohan will only be getting a day in jail. My faith is once again reaffirmed...bring on Mean Girls II: Bitches Strike Back...

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