Thursday, August 30, 2007

I always made one prayer to God, which is extremely short. Here it is: "O my God, make our enemies quite ridiculous!" God granted it. Voltaire

Hello people. For people who know me, they do know that about every four months or so I go through some sort of meltdown/crisis. Its the natural order of things. Maybe its some sort of self infatuated ego thing that I have to have thirty times the amount of midlife crisis. I do write in a blog thinking my opinion matters and/or if no one actually reads, it amuses me. Anyway, way too many people are getting married, have gotten married, or are thinking about getting married in the past month. Its not that I don't believe in marriage but I am weirded out by so many people that I've seen do keg stands are considering marriage. Plus, there's that whole terrifying idea of being alone but I can put idea away for at least sometime. In my crisis mode, I've run off to foreign countries, decided that I needed to spend time away from DC doing crazy work, and at one point thought priesthood might not be a bad idea. Morals have always proven difficult for me so that ended somewhat quickly. Right now, I'm at meltdown phase 1, which is charming. So if I seem awfully stressed or considering crazy ideas just nod and smile. That priesthood idea would be great if I didn't love money, objects, and that whole idea of celibacy is terrifying. Who knows how the coming weeks will act. Onto the list.

1. With the fall of Larry Craig imminent or really, let's be honest, it has happened, DC will lose one of its hilarious memories. The Singing Senators! Who can forget John Ashcroft (who isn't a senator and thus perpetrating yet another GOP lie by calling themselves senators) Larry Craig, and Trent Lott singing where the eagle soars. Really, they did Judy Garland songs too which pretty much negates any attempt Craig tries in saying he isn't gay.

2. You know what anniversary I forgot about yesterday? Strom Thurmond, bastion of conservatism..I mean racism, filibustered for 24 hours and 18 minutes in 1957 against the Civil Rights Act of 1957. Thank you Strom. Happy belated 50th oh wait you're dead...

3. Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are apparently continuing their feud about their kids. I guess both have issued spies to spy and counter spy on each other when in custody of kids...How great is that? I completely imagine those old Spy Vs Spy images with this.

4. A friend of the blog thinks Amy Winehouse looks like one of my housemates with a wig. At least the body type does. This effectively ends Scott's ability to sleep well ever again.

5. I can't believe I missed this. Beethoven and Anna Nicole Smith have something in common besides a music caree....or wait I'm wrong on that...oh right they both overdosed on drugs given by a doctor. Beethoven was way ahead of his time as a music star overdosing on drugs. Roll over Beethoven!

6. Have you seen the cast for Dancing with the Stars? Dr. Quinn and Mark Cuban! Plus I've had a thing for Jennie Garth for awhile. I've watched one episode of the show before and it looked like Tucker Carlson got a lap dance which pretty much ended me watching. The question is will I watch for Mark Cuban to blow up on the judges like they're NBA referees?

7. So Britney Spears apparently forgot pants.... go to the link because really...its crazy and too many images to post

8. Tucker Carlson sucks by the way. If you haven't heard he claimed he and a friend beat up a guy who hit on him. One, no one believes you're heterosexual even if you have a kid and a wive. Two, who readily admits they beat up a person for that? Three, you admit you couldn't do it yourself too. Laughing about really does show what's wrong with the Right.

9. Haha Beckham got hurt again. I also want proof his wife can smile. But Beckham getting hurt may make him one of the biggest busts ever.

10. Yesterday was new comic day. A great day as any. I also finally got Bioshock in the mail. If you don't know what Bioshock is, it is an amazing video game that is a beautiful and detailed and just a lot of fun. The new comic that I have read so far is Batman Annual 26. Comics back in the day had annuals that were yearly issues that were twice the length of a normal issue. Normally they were self contained stories. Batman Annual 26 tells the origin of Ra's Al Ghul, y'know the villain from Batman Begins, really interesting actually. You should pick it up but before that you need to pick the graphic novel of Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert as artist. That graphic novel introduces Batman's son which is integral to Batman Annual 26.

PS. I'm abducting this puppy because I miss my basset hound a lot. My basset hound is named Winston. He goes by Winston, Stoney, and Grooveman. This one is named Buford.

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I want to own land so I can have a dog or two. And a searsucker suit.