Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Today is the second anniversary of Katrina. Its not happy. Really it isn't. The work done by the government in New Orleans has been crap. Cronies of the GOP and various other groups have done a terrible job rebuilding the city. And to those who think people like Michael Chertoff deserve a promotion to a higher job in government like the AG, fuck you. He deserved to be fired the week after Katrina if not the day and you know it. Let's also recall the last time Rudy Giuliani recommended someone for a roll in the government, oh right, the guy was corrupt as hell.

1. Gay people. Larry Craig claims he's not gay and has never been gay. Okay, you just like anonymous homosexual acts in places across the country....hmm...something doesn't fit with your statement. Oh right, its that the repeated accusations of propositioning men in random bathrooms from DC to Minneapolis with secret footwork makes you not only gay but creepy as Rob said. My favorite part of this scandal is not the squirming or the GOP throw under the bus syndrome but the news reporters reenacting the foot code on tv. Its absolutely hilarious as news crews try to be in depth and playing with their feet in a bathroom stall with the camera on. Seriously, keep an eye out for it. PS, I'm really glad that Republican Senator Larry Craig has brought back the I DA HOE joke unintentionally. PPS. Please Fox, you do need to cover the story as much as you did Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney's punch out. You also have to call him a Republican because you never seem to stop reminding people of Democratic scandals that Democrats were involved.
Here's one example of people in the media recreating Craig's list

2. Glen Beck says no one cares about Alberto Gonzales' resignation. He's wrong. He's actually wrong about everything. I'd really like to see who is wrong most between Hannity, O'Reilly, Gibson, and Beck...its tough. My money is on a photo finish between Beck and O'Reilly and O'Reilly wins because he just can't handle reality.

3. Katie Couric is being sent to Iraq and Syria. The question is will detractors tune in just to see if she's shot? Bob Woodruff was the first major anchor to go abroad and was nearly killed in an explosion. Perhaps, the insurgents will think she's on their side in causing harm to Americans. Her newscast really is terrible.

4. There's a catfight over at CNBC over Erin Burnett and Maria Bartiromo getting too much attention. Recall that Erin Burnett was the attractive, young economy reporter who on air was awkwardly sexually harassed by Chris Matthews a few weeks ago. Something really hot about women who talk about money all day in a fight...ok no...maybe. Anyway, I couldn't help but have Barrett Strong's Money (That's What I Want) in my head when hearing about the story.

5. Quentin Tarantino made a stewardess cry on an air plane. At first I thought it was his increasingly self indulgent yet witty dialogue that did her in but it turns out he was just being an ass. He's apparently in a wheel chair since he hurt his back and now is officially a grumpy old man 30 years early.

6. I'm so glad that Amy Winehouse won't go to rehab because that would be the responsible thing to do. I just want to post a then and now aspect to her. In 2003, dare I say, she was cute.

And now.

Heroin addiction, alcoholic, and pretty much every drug you can think of later plus the occasional stabbing yourself. Yup she's an allstar.

7. I will give 12 dollars to get Keira Knightley to eat a cheese burger. I used to think she was so hot circa Pirates of the Caribbean 1. She was in my happy place fantasy...not anymore.

8. Keith Richards ate a cigarette on stage recently. He has figured out that he can stay alive longer via a cigarette diet. Why hasn't anyone else figured this out? oh right because its crazy.

9. Why aren't you watching Weeds and Entourage? If you are, good job! Gold star for you.

10. Comic you should have read but if you haven't do it now...right now! Kingdom Come by DC Comics is yet another great comic that is utterly beautiful. Seriously, gawk at it. It takes place in the future years after Superman has retired and Batman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the old guard have settled down with their lives. A nuclear incident occurs in Kansas caused by an extreme group of heroes attacking an old feeble villain and one of the heroes who is nuclear based explodes. The event causes Superman's return as well as the old guard. The series is epic and told from the viewpoint of a pastor who has been chosen by God to stop the apocalypse. Sound crazy? Probably, but go read it. Its reprinted heavily. Even if you don't like comic books, the art is just amazing.

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