Friday, August 31, 2007

Crooked Little Vein

For all those with siblings out there, they understand when the youngest goes to college finally, the parents go through shell shock. Some celebrate because now they can be a couple. Some decide, we still miss being parents let's go visit the oldest one. My brother just started college so my parents decided to come visit me for Labor Day weekend. They actually get to see what the house looks like. Of course, it'll be chaos since a new room mate is moving in this week. Now onto the list. Oh PS, still in meltdown mode

1. I'm hearing Larry Craig might resign today...emo tear to the end of the Singing Senators. The tape recording of him with a police officer is hilarious and pathetic. He jumps around from entrapment (which indicates he was there for the sex) to he's not gay he just sits funny on the toilet (which indicates he's got some weird bathroom issues other than the gay anonymous sex).

2. Tom Delay is on Fox and MSNBC discussing Congressional ethics....right, while he's an expert in violating ethics, he really shouldn't claim that Republicans kick out members who violate ethics when Democrats reelect them....I hate him.

3. Speaking of ethics problems, CELEBRATE! Its Karl Rove's last day! Yeah it is pretty great unfortunately, he goes to war against Hillary Clinton legally now as a private citizen.

4. Sean Hannity thinks poor people are doing pretty well in America. How many poor people do you think he knows living in his mansion in Long Island?

5. U2 has a new album already written....I'm excited...seriously I am.

6. Kevin Federline makes no money. But what about that rap career? That's when I get punched in the face. Anyway, he wants Britney Spears to pay for his legal bills. Wow, I love that couple they deserve each other. She gets 800,000 dollars a month....that is amazing. Thank you teen america of the late 90s. You've given her enough support to permanently make her "no pants girl."

7. Here is a passage of a book I'm reading called Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis. "It is a small, handwritten volume reputedly bound in the skin of the extraterrestrial entity that plagued Benjamin Franklin's ass over six nights in Paris during this European travels. Benjamin Franklin wasn't some nancy-boy novelist who wrote sensitive books about aliens sticking things up his rectum, you know. On the seventh night he got right up and killed the little bastard with one punch." Yup this book is twisted. I'm learning what a macroherpetophile is and what Godzilla Bukkake is. If you want to know ask me? Its a noir book and its as twisted as it gets. Joss Whedon thinks the book at his soul.

8. You remember when Britney Spears bailed on a OK! photo shoot and ruined 20,000 dollars of Versace clothing with fried chicken grease? Well now that dress can be yours! The money goes to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. I find the whole MADD getting the money fairly ironic with the Hollywood girls out of control.

9. Someone has bought Damien Hirsts diamond encrusted skull for 100 million dollars....and sometimes I wonder what is wrong with the world.

10. This is a short review. I previewed the show Lipstick Jungle (Its Candace Bushnell's followup to Sex and the City). Definitely not targeted toward me. Furthermore, it lacks the dialogue from what I have seen of the Sex and the City. I find Lindsay Price to be really attractive for reasons I can't figure out but I'm weird so I somehow redeem her character as the clothing designer without confidence. Brooke Shields is in this show as well and she's somewhat okay as a mom and a movie executive. I found the characters to be mostly irritating and unredeemable. I'm not going to follow the show mainly because it just isn't written well not that it isn't targeted to me. HBO works with this sort of thing not mainstream tv. Its not HBO, its plain old tv.

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