Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Poll Closed

Now that we've hit September 4th, its time our poll about who should be the official girl of the blog has ended. I personally consider it a rousing success with several people voting. And after tallying the votes it has become clear that you, the readers, the heroes of the web, have chosen Hayden Panetierre. Her picture will be added to the blog until I get bored. Look for future polls now that we've figured out how to do them! Some of them may even be extremely offensive! If you have an idea for a poll that you are curious about, simply leave a message about the post and we'll take it under advisement.


Danielle said...

boo... boo... BOO... shoulda been smurftern

go bucks!

Edmund Dantes said...

1) my candidate was awesome
2) supporting terrorist teams probably hampered Smurftern's chances.