Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Coming Apocalypse

Though he might not realize it, fellow blogger Chris has raised a very important issue. It is an issue that we must all give some thought and consideration too for it affects us all. If we don't deal with this global issue, it won't matter who's from what country as we'll all be in the same boat. I, of course, speak of the looming and disastrous (or disastrously looming) Zombie Apocalypse.

If you've seen the movie 28 Days Later you know what the Zombie Apocalypse could look like. Alone in the ruins of a once great civilization having to survive by nothing more than your wits and several thousand rounds of ammunition. Food and water become a scarce commodity because going out requires avoiding the zombies. And make no mistake, they will find you. And you will have to fend them off. Some of them could even be your neighbors. The truly terrifying part about 28 Days Later as compared to other zombie documentaries is that these zombies are fast sons of bitches. Usually zombies are filmed as slow movers, shambling inexhorably forward in their search for human flesh. Not so in 28 Days Later. They sprint forward with reckless abandon, arms flailing behind them. However, these zombies have a weakness which other zombies appear to lack. These zombies can be killed through conventional means, and do not require the destruction of the head to defeat. This makes automatic and semi-automatic weapons more effective against the sprinters.

This also brings us to the point of proper equipment. Unless facing sprinters, automatic weapons are useless. Normal zombies can only be killed through destruction of the brain or removal of the head. Thus, anything that is not a headshot represents a waste of valuable ammunition. Thus, it is recommended that you get a high powered, single action rifle. The M1 Garande is a great choice but any good hunting rifle could do in a pinch. Generally, when battling the undead, it is extremely unwise to engage them in hand-to-hand combat as it is relatively easy for a zombie to infect you with zombie-ism. But in a full scale Zombie Apocalypse, such situations may be unavoidable and thus it is suggested that you carry a simple machete. Others may prefer something larger or heavier because they want to show off. But when fighting the undead, surviving is more important than impressing the ladies. Besides, the ladies are probably all zombies anyways.

If you can swing it, you should attempt to acquire full riot gear from a police station or military base. Access to such equipment would give you the edge in keeping zombie bites off of you. Finally, and this may sound morbid, but it is imperative that you carry a sidearm. Any good pistol will do. The purpose of your sidearm is 2-fold. In the event that you run out of primary ammunition, the sidearm may be used to finish off any last zombies that have gotten close. Remember, sidearms have limited range and should be used in that fashion. Second, your sidearm is there for you. Should you be overwhelmed, or bitten by a zombie, it is important that you save one round of ammunition for yourself. You do not want to become one of them and then assist the extinction of the human species. For the sake of all those that you care about, you must not join the ranks of the undead.

A subject that I have been pondering is location. Where to hide during the Zombie Apocalypse. I have thought about desert oases but I am not sure this is a good option. My preferred location for making fortifications would be a flat plain of some type or perhaps a mountain top. I want to see the zombies coming from afar to better take advantage of my long range rifles. Remember, zombies are slow and clumsy creatures so when you have built your fortifications, trenches filled with spikes will be important as they will slow the progress of the zombies and the sprinters. This will give you valuable time to pick off zombies before they are able to breach your defenses. Also, always make sure that you have access to food. This is crucial because without strong access to food, you will eventually have to move. It may not be possible to grow crops so you must be prepared to make forays into towns to raid the grocery stores. Groups will survive better and if possible, obtain motorized transport. This brings us to a final point on location: have an escape plan. You must plan for the eventuality that zombies will breach your defenses so you must be prepared to flee. Everyone must be involved in drills on the escape plan.

Also, there is strength in numbers. Though it is human nature, avoid the desire to descend into factionalism and warlordism. If you find survivors attempt to bring them into the fold. Everyone has a skill that they can contribute to the community.

The Zombie Apocalypse is coming and we must be ready. Who will join my crusade of vigilant zombie observers? Who will stand against the coming tide of undead?

Who will survive?



Edmund Dantes said...

1. I really should choose my words better.
2. World War Z is an excellent book about this subject.
3. Night of the Living Dead is still the best movie on zombies though Dawn of the Dead (original),28 Days Later, and 28 Weeks Later are excellent.
4. If you haven't seen Shaun of the Dead, why the hell not?

Nicole said...

Hello...Scott...Are you there? It's time to come back to reality now and stop spending so much time thinking about zombies. :)

Steve said...

side note: as demonstrated in 28 days later, your escape plan should not include anything with a pull start motor as it WILL fail just when you need it most. Always Be Prepared