Friday, September 21, 2007

Its Friday I'm in Love

Ha, no not really but it is a Cure song that came on my Ipod this morning. My house lost power this morning...again. It got me thinking of random things (always a dangerous phenomena). First stop on the insanity train was the show Are You Afraid of the Dark. Yeah that's right, good times. This show had Rachel Blanchard and Elisha Cuthbert at one point. It also got me thinking about other Nickelodeon shows like Salute Your Shorts (you need to imdb such things). Salute Your Shorts was great. A lot of the people in it don't act anymore or just do stage which means they might be dead to me. Anway, Michael Bower still acts. He was donkey lips on the show. I kept hoping he wasn't acting. Like this image of an important corporate meeting he's in and a guy walks in to the meeting and realizes he was donkey lips on Salute Your Shorts. Anyone remember the girl who played Dina on it aka Heidi Lucas. Had a crush on her. She's apparently still hot and in law school. The guy who played Bobby Budnick now does voices on cartoons. And yes he was in Terminator 2 before he did Salute Your Shorts. Another show that I watched and since I have no dignity, will tell you about the Secret World of Alex Mack. Larisa Oleynik was smokin then when I around 13 years old and I still think she's hot in recent roles. Yeah, she still acts in movies. Annie Mack, the sister on the show, aka Meredith Bishop didn't do much but she was in an episode of Scrubs...yeah I know everyone is in Scrubs. Jessica Alba (hottest girl out there) was actually on 3 episodes of it. Yeah, how awesome is that. Anyway, I kinda miss the days of Rocko's Modern Life, Rugrats, Doug, Double Dare, Ahhh! Real Monsters and more. I'll probably talk about those other ones at a later date. Onto the list.

1. Okay, so I hate President Bush...yeah real shocker...well for me it is. For years, I've hated people around him but somehow felt that he as just not all that bright and was somewhat well intended. Okay that isn't entirely true, I've been remarkably pissed for awhile like since 2003. Anyway, I'll let Keith Olbermann do the talking because he's far better than I am at this and he's right on all of his points.

2. I'm in a hateful mood right now so Billo has to come next. His remarkable hatred for the ACLU is just plain dumb. Like he legitimately thinks they're a terrorist group. Yes, we shouldn't challenge the government on their attempts to curb rights. We should just accept blindly what administrations say unless they're Democratic. He doesn't get that we need groups to question things. Faux News aka GOP (Good Ole Propaganda) News Network really just sucks.

3. A Christian theatre group is really offended by Kathy Griffin's worship of her Emmy instead of thanking Jesus for everything. Because Jesus really would be responsible for reality tv. Anyway, awesome. I think this group taking a 90,000 dollar ad on Griffin does elevate her off the D-list. Once again, a Christian group doesn't have a sense of humor nor does it not recognize that it looks ridiculous with this.

4. Here is the list of top music earners over the past year.
1. The Rolling Stones - $88m
2. Jay-Z - $83m
3. Madonna (above) - $72m
4. Bon Jovi - $67m
5. Sir Elton John - £53m
6. Celine Dion - $45m
7. Tim McGraw - $37m
8. 50 Cent - $33m
9. U2 - $30m
10. P Diddy - $23m
Looking at the list, certain things up pop up. Like what year are we in? Did U2 tour and I missed them again? God damnit, I feel like Dr. Claw hunting Inspector Gadget with me trying to see U2 in concert.

5. If the Pope won't meet with Condi Rice, has she found new lows? I mean remember when people thought she would make a good presidential candidate? They even had books for it. I wonder how much they cost to buy now?

6. When do you think Ted Stevens calls it quits? Right...about the same time that Amy Winehouse stops drinking.

7. Even aliens will now know that we don't know what to do with the memory of Gerald Ford.
8. There's a Justice League movie coming! Yes I'm excited because I love the Justice League...yup proud dork. George Miller is the director apparently. He's the director behind Road Warrior and such. But Aquaman is going to be in a movie. I repeat...Aquaman...they totally should get Adrien Grenier from Entourage.

9. Who loves guns more? Giuliani or McCain? I say they settle it by combat. Good old western duel.

10. Going to see 3:10 to Yuma tonight. Review to come next week. Cubs are 9 away from going to the play offs and they're 1.5 up on the Brewers...Think good thoughts.

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