Monday, September 24, 2007

Everything and Nothing

This week a lot of girlfriends and wives are going to pissed off at the men in their lives. You wonder is this any different than usual?...okay fair point. But this week is a bit different. You see, Halo 3 comes out this week. I remember years ago when Halo 2 came out, CNN (yes CNN) did a story on the relationships ruined by the coming of Halo and how Halo 2 would do the same thing. Just so you know, it did. CNN did a follow up about it and Halo 2 broke people up. Halo 3 is amazing. I played the demo over the summer and it is. So let your significant others play this amazing game. I'll be playing Halo 3 but I'm single so it doesn't phase me who is pissed off at me for playing a video game. Maybe everyone should play Halo 3, girls and guys (I've never actually met a girl who plays Halo) . I've never been one to hide whatever dorky quirks I have. Its a trait I admire when people are just honest about it like my room mate Brian and his World of Warcraft. Its everything and nothing. Its also probably why I love the Anna character on the OC played by Samaire Armstrong. She's openly into comic books, video games, and odd but awesome references. Be open, play Halo, and laugh a little bit because there are people out there who broke up over Halo.

1. Rush Limbaugh confuses Bin Laden with Barack Obama. That's funny because I confuse Rush Limbaugh with a Nazi or a human sometimes. Lay off the OxyCotin, Rush. Shouldn't you have left the country because of your own beliefs that people who use drugs illegally should leave the country....I'll buy your flight tickets if you don't come back.

2. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is coming! Run! Don't let him near the 9/11 site because it might make him look human and sympathetic! Give me a break guys. This whole obsession and arm chair general war talk with Iran only helps him. He isn't the head of state nor the commander in chief of Iran. That would be Ayatollah Khamenei. I think our popularity in the Middle East is equal to that dentists' preference of sugar filled gum. The more we saber rattle and declare the little man with a big head the great evil, the more we strengthen the notion if the US doesn't like him, he must be doing something right.

3. President Bush is skipping the UN talks about global warming for his own meeting on the issue. Because we've done so well with global warming...oh wait no...I'm sure he'll get a wide variety of opinions differing from his....oh also no. Its kinda like how this summer there was a Transformers movie that a lot of people saw for good reason, but there was a direct to crappy ass movie called Transmorphers which had a similar plot but was utterly cheap and crap. In case you're having problems with the analogy, President Bush's meeting is about as worthwhile as a direct to video ripoff.

4. What could make the OJ Simpson narrative more weird? James Woods claiming that Nicole Brown Simpson wanted to have an affair with him....yeah, James Woods....

5. George Clooney was in a motor cycle accident. He's fine because y'know why? Helmets. They wore helmets. The coolest guy in Hollywood wears a helmet when riding so riddle me this Ben Rothelesberger (I won't look that up to see if I spelled it right or not) why are you an idiot still?

6. According to Britney Spears' former body guard, she loves the white this shocking? Who is a bigger wreck, Lohan, Spears, or Amy Winehouse? I was reading an article and they showed back when Britney Spears as hot. I thought wow, how weird is it to see a fall like that.

7. What the hell were the Eagles wearing yesterday? I'm pretty sure the Lions secondary were blinded by it. It would explain much. It looked like a messed up UCLA helmet on crack.

8. Cubs magic number is 4 now! We actually might make the playoffs! I'm ridiculously excited and the Bears getting destroyed doesn't hurt my excitement. Also, I'm hearing that A-Rod is in talks with one of the perspective Cubs owners...honestly, that's insane. A lineup of Soriano, Theriot, Lee, Arod or Aramis, Jones, Derosa, Kendall, pitcher is the greatest lineup maybe ever.

9. There's been a huge steroids raid today across a lot of countries called Raw Deal. There's a database of athletes that use. This literally could destroy sports. It was a massive raid producing immense results.

10. REVIEW!!!!!!!! I saw 3:10 to Yuma. A remake of the Glen Ford movie, its outstanding. Russell Crowe is an outstanding actor no matter what you think of his personal life. Christian Bale is great as well. It was nice to see a movie that was a traditional western and still really enjoyable. Its dirty, its fierce, and the dialogue between Bale and Crowe is remarkable. Go see it.

That's all for now...

PS. Watch Heroes tonight! TV is back.

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