Wednesday, September 12, 2007

They're Here, They're Queer, So You Better Not Tell

With the revelation that Larry Craig is gay we can all laugh and feel pity for a man that is such a caricature. At the same time, Larry Flynt is threatening to reveal that another member of the Senate is actually gay. So I says to myself, I says "people are wondering who it is. Hey look at that, Lauren has suggested a poll." And poof! Like God bringing light to creation, I shall bring a poll to the masses! You may now vote on our new poll for which senator you think Flynt will out. You have six options. Well, 5 real ones and then one that I just hate and want to see humiliated. Your options are:

Lamar Alexander R-LA: This man knew that the page scandal of Mark Foley was going on.

Sam Brownback R-KS: His miraculous conversion is a little suspect.

Norm Coleman R-MN: I don't have a clever bit here but a homeless dude told me he blew him once for $20. Thats totally fact and I'm definitely not making it up.

Lindsay Graham R-SC: Dude's name is Lindsay. I'm satisfied.

Mitch McConnell R-KY: You ever wonder why they didn't want him as Minority Leader?

Joe Lieberman I-CN: Because I hate him.

Although we don't have a date for when Larry Flynt is going to out a senator, we will end the poll on October 1st. Cast your votes and be heard!

The reason why only Republican senators are listed is due to the fact that Flynt is outing a Republican. Flynt's goal is to out senators who vote very strongly anti-gay when they, in fact, are gay. He's pointing out hypocrisy. And Lieberman is technically an independent who caucuses with the Democrats. That selection is out of spite. Heavily so.


Brian said...

Why only Republican candidates? Has Flynt said that he's outing another Repbulican? Or are you just that spiteful?

Edmund Dantes said...

to clarify on this, Larry Flynt has sought to oust a senator who has continually voted against gay rights and issues of the sort. There aren't any Democrats that consistent. So we picked out consistent anti gay politicians who also have rumors attached to them.

Edmund Dantes said...

PS. Brian, that's hilarious you think Lieberman is a republican too.