Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated

Did you miss us? I'm hearing about someone who was angry we hadn't updated in awhile. Well, okay. Post comments because I'm learning that there are people who read this blog and I had no idea until they told me. Now back to business. Today is the 6th anniversary of 9/11. I had intended to do a piece on characters yesterday and was destroyed by work load so that'll happen tomorrow. But today, today is 9/11. I'm tired of hearing that President Bush was a hero or Rudy Giuliani was a hero. They were not at all on that day. Mayor Giuliani only looked it because he had no where else to go because he placed his command center against all common sense in the largest terror target in the city, the World Trade Center. So what did he do, he ran to the cameras to hide his culpability and build a myth. No, the real heroes wasn't the President who didn't know what to do nor was it the Mayor who ran to the cameras like the drama queen he is. The heroes of 9/11 were the first responders who ran into the fire to save people with equipment that was poorly made on account that their Mayor bought incompatible communication equipment from someone who donated to his campaigns. Against all odds, they did their job when the Mayor and President didn't do theirs. And the fact that Rudy Giuliani and President Bush campaigned or are campaigning taking credit for being heroes on 9/11 is disgusting. The audacity of launching the Iraq War on the backs of those who sacrificed themselves for others on 9/11 is just as atrocious. Onto the list

1. Last night, Keith Olbermann said that Faux News was worse than Al Quaeda. The right wing blogosphere is in an uproar what they don't tell you is that Olbermann was using Colin Powell's logic for that claim. Colin Powell said Al Quaeda could knock down buildings, kill Americans, but they couldn't change us. Only we can change us. Fox News for what its worth which is very little has changed us though. It has made propaganda more acceptable than its ever been. So Colin Powell is right he's of course late again on his protest.

2. Republican Congressman James Walsh has come back from Iraq demanding a withdrawal. David "Saint" Petraeus' testimony hasn't helped his opinion either. Its nice to hear Amazing Grace when James Walsh talks. I don' t think Petraeus has convinced anyone on Iraq except for base supporters of the GOP. I also can't recall when an active general has come back from an American occupied territory and told people he was doing a shitty job.

3. Larry Flynt isn't done with David Vitter. He's going to unveil more of Vitter's love for hookers...yay family values wassup!

4. Nas is at war with Bill O'Reilly...I hope this works as well as his war against Luda or his boycott of France. O'Reilly tried to claim he had an effect on the French economy with a study from a magazine that doesn't exist. France's economy did just fine in fact it did better during his boycott. Can I take credit since I made it a point to buy French things during it? Oh here is Nas' quote.
"Everybody has a marketing plan; his marketing plan is racism. "It just shows you what bloodsuckers do: they abuse something like the Virginia Tech [tragedy] for show ratings. You can't talk to a person like that."

This is in response to O'Reilly targeting him for doing a concert dedicated to the victims of the VA Tech massacre. O'Reilly didn't target Dave Matthews or anyone else there...apparently he couldn't find anything to pick on in the song Crash. I hate Bill O'Reilly....

5. Oh my god. The Russians have a version of Married with Children...how great is that? And its helping public diplomacy abroad in Russia. Let's have Married with Children all over the world! Farsi Married with Children would be awesome.

6. The title for the new Indian Jones is out! Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull...almost sounds like Attack of the Clones...I don't care I'll see it even if Shia LaBeouf looks goofy...Can someone tell me how to pronounce his name? Also who said it was a good idea for him to try to grow facial hair? Was it you Brian Evans?

7. Britney Spears' comeback was amazing....ly bad...oh how awesome it was (.......................) this awesome. She looks terrible and apparently was getting drunk in rehearsals and late all the time. Plus her lip syncing was off and everything was pretty much terrible... How hot is it that she can't stand straight?

8. I'm really looking forward to Walk Hard: the Dewey Cox Story. Its the same guys who did 40 Year Old Virgin and it has John C Reilly. He's the good Reilly and he's always good in movies. Its a spoof on Walk the Line which could be great.

9. Keira Knightley is two faced. At least she's still hot in magazines.
10. REVIEW! Life is a show that has Winters from Band of Brothers and Sarah Shahi (She's easily in my top ten celebrity women (ungodly hot). Winters aka Damian Lewis (his real name) plays a cop who was put in jail for murder for 12 years before being found innocent. His law suit with the city gave him pretty much unlimited money. He's back as a detective as part of his settlement. He's kinda crazy in a House type of way with Buddhism and cynical humor. I loved it. The show is remarkably good for its pilot.

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Nicole said...

Apologies for not posting yesterday. And I wouldn't say that I was "angry." As Scott put it, I was simply displeased. And yes, people do read your blog and greatly appreciate when you post everyday. It gets me away from my super crazy boss for a few minutes and I usually end up learning something I did not previously know. For example, who knew that the Russians have a version of Married with Children? Not I, until I read your post. :)