Thursday, September 13, 2007


You know things are bad when things that should have us pissed just seem like the norm. Mike McConnell lies to Congress...oh its okay, we're used to it. The Administration cooks the books on Iraq and isn't remotely accurate by several accounts, its okay we're used to it. Don't be a zombie, get pissed off. Expect better.

1. I love the Daily Show

2. Speaking of Zombies, courtesy of Adrienne, Pittsburgh is having a zombie walk and they're doing this with their own free will...not because of pollution like I originally thought.
Zombie Walk

3. Al Franken is within 5 points of Norm Coleman in the senate race in Minnesota. That's 5 points closer to seeing Bill O'Reilly's head explode...O'Reilly is under a lot of stress these days since recently Keith Olbermann is giving him a run for his money in ratings.

4. An utter crap list for top movie super heroes list. There's a reason we kicked your ass in the Revolutionary War.
I'll have a list soon

5. "Socialized medicine killed the Vikings." You think this is just me being me and saying absurd things for fun. Nope, my professor last night said this. It also killed the radio star. I'm making that part up.

6. Ja Rule doesn't think MTV should show gay people. They should be kept in the bathroom...also making that last part up...or am I?

7. Donald Rumsfeld has always slept well and doesn't have nightmares according to GQ. His strategy is to lack planning before going to bed and becoming entrenched in a civil war between his pillows, his comforter, and sheets. He also has a healthy dose of baby bone marrow before every nap.

8. Mark Warner announced his candidacy for the senate in Virigina. Rock on! Plus, we'll always have a Warner in the seat.

9. Do you know how the Britney Spears come back could have been greater? I do or at least it literally could have happened this way. Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, and Britney Spears could have all been on the stage at once! Oh man that would have been hilarious. My dream concert right now is Courtney Love, Amy Winehouse, and Britney Spears all on stage at once and seeing which one is able to stand straight.

10. Review Time: I have a confession. I didn't watch Freaks and Geeks when it was on and now I regret it because it is awesome. If you liked Superbad and/or How I Met Your Mother, you have to go buy this DVD set. I also have a crush on Linda Cardellini in it. Its almost on the level of Samaire Armstrong. Anyway, the series is really funny and really gets highschool. Furthermore, I think my mom went to the highschool it takes place.

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