Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So I was bored when I shouldn't be and I was thinking about pop culture characters that I somehow relate to in some way. Now for the first time in the history of this blog and therefore legendary, a list within a list. My little scrap sheet of characters probably says a lot about me or it might not. You should make a list too. There is no order of was more me trying to avoid thinking about what I was supposed to be doing.

1. Hanky Moody from Californication
2. Edmund Dantes from Count of Monte Cristo (Yes that's where the name is from)
3. Ari Gold from Entourage
4. Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother
5. Sam Seaborn from the West Wing
6. Seth Cohen from the OC
7. Nick Naylor from Thank You for Smoking
8. Alan Shore from Boston Legal
9. Jeb Bartlett from the West Wing
10. Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report

Yeah weird huh and that was me bored in a meeting. If agree or disagree, okay. Now onto the real list.

1. Did Joe Lieberman really just ask General Petreaus if we could invade Iran yet? Its like a kid asking to go the candy store. I mean really, we haven't done particularly well in two concurrent wars. Third time is a charm? Maybe we can find we can go lower in the minds of the Middle East? Faux News has started claiming that a bombing strategy is already being created. Thank you Faux News. You don't like talking about current wars because that wouldn't support that agenda of yours so talk about future ones.

2. Larry Flynt is set to out a closeted gay Senator who consistently votes against gay rights. I have to admire the guy. I mean, his magazine isn't for everyone but his belief that leaders shouldn't be hypocritical is great. We've all got money on who he's going to out.

3. 1 in 3 Americans thinks Saddam Hussein was involved in the 9/11 attacks....yeah I know...

4. 60 percent of American Newspapers use a majority of conservative columnists...Yeah take that liberal media...oh wait...they're just trying to counterbalance that reality has a liberal slant.

5. The White Stripes have canceled the rest of their tour because of a health problem for Meg. I can hear my brother's emo tears.

6. Sharon Osborne is accusing Courtney Love of giving Jack Osborne OxyCotin when he was 15. He should have to wait till he's 18 or when he's a right wing radio personality who thinks everyone who does drugs should be kicked out of the country. Anyway, why was she letting her kid near Courtney Love? I mean really, she's proto Amy Winehouse.

7. Jodie Sweetin, aka Stephanie on "Full House," is pregnant...yup MILF

8. The Patriots have been accused of cheating...again. Apparently, they put a spy on the other sideline of New York Jets. Its totally like Nixon trying to spy on the Democratic Party way back when. Seriously, the Pats probably are the best team regardless of cheating but really...I mean really? Punishment should be heavy nevertheless

9. How many Orioles are on steroids? No, seriously.

10. Courtesy of Lauren. Her name is Misa. I have a Corgi back home named George aka Corgiman. Lauren was just a making me homesick.


Lauren said...

Poll idea on who the senator is going to be???

Nicole said...

FYI, I look at Daily Puppy everyday now because of you. That bassett hound sucked me in and now I'm hooked. Not that that's a bad thing. :)

Edmund Dantes said...


Lauren said...

I'm claiming it as my victory -- since I sent you the Daily Puppy to begin with, Chris.