Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ordinary World

Wow, its been longer than I thought it would but work is a bitch. Had a big project at work and at school. Anyway, I had three ideas for intros. One was about the emails that get sent to my yahoo account from Nigeria telling me that a relative has left me a ton of money and whatever. I love these scams because they're so well written but I'm thinking of pranking the guy with it and trying to pretend that I have the powers of Superman ala Smallville. The second idea was a concept I came up with (probably not all that original) about having public transportation crushes. People who you see continually on public transportation on your schedule. You kinda lower your own standards about it. Maybe you notice patterns in daily life because you're so bored. I don't know but man do I encounter the same people over and over. The last idea was a tragedy actually. I've reached that point in my life at 24 where when I have to check ring finger when checking out women. Yes, before it was the whole "are they legal?" I'm not nearly as guilty about that as some of my friends are but man is it depressing to realize you're in marriage age.....I'm still freaking out about people getting married. Anyway, onto the list.

1. President Bush said he got a B in economics 101 in college. I've always been sure he got an F in reality economics but he actually got a 71 and 72 in that class. On their scale at Yale, that's a C-. Is this how benchmarks work for Iraq?

2. Rudy Giuliani is claiming he's one of the 4 or 5 most recognizable Americans in the world. Really!? I mean really? What an ego. Let's see. Michael Jordan, President Bush, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Paris Hilton, Tom Cruise, my god the list goes awhile before I think a kid in some foreign country thinks about Rudy Giuliani and its probably only because that kid was looking at a politicians who cross dress or marry their own cousin website. The 4 or 5 most recognizable notion doesn't make a moral judgment by the way.

3. Who told Courtney Love that "y'know what the world needs? A perfume based on you." Seriously, why is this even an idea? Who wants to smell like Courtney Love? I'm pretty sure its not teen spirit but it is god someone please stop Amy Winehouse from the same idea.

4. A student was tasered at a John Kerry forum as everyone has heard now. Okay, so he was rude and kind of annoying but really, did he need to be tasered. And you apparently can see the police start moving in on him when he mentioned impeachment of President Bush. We've fallen really low when impeachment concept can have the police come at you. Either way, the kid should have been escorted out for his behavior (shoving people out of the way, yelling, and etc). Not tasered. Tasering is for someone who is a threat not for a need for a power trip. On another note, I truly hate Bill O'Reilly as you've probably noticed. Billo says the kids is the wimpiest kid in the United States. He also claims to have had a taser put on him before and it wasn't so bad. I will donate 50 dollars to the show that tasers billo over and over again because apparently it isn't so bad.

5. Donald Trump's grandchild has a comb over already...weird.

6. Peter King (R-New York) says there are too many mosques in America. And these people are confused why foreign people don't understand our message of tolerance. I think there are too many Republican Congressmen from New York named Peter King.

7. So hours after a judge ordered random drug tests and alcohol tests, Britney Spears went out partying...I think she missed the point. Oh I love this narrative on who is a worse parent option.

8. Alicia Silverstone is going to pose nude for PETA. Now I can't stand PETA mainly because I think they allocate a lot of money toward causes that just make them look foolish. I don't think I've ever found any of these naked PETA photos attractive either. But really, Alicia Silverstone? That's who you get? Batgirl who had a mustache in Batman and Robin and the Clueless star when I was much younger is posing nude now? I thought she fell off the planet and popped up every so often like a comet.

9. OJ made bail at 125,000 dollars. Now, I'm shocked that he had that kind of money actually. Weren't we all supposed to believe he had no money except living expenses? Also, why is he being given bail. He had another violent crime thrown at him. He already tried to take off before in a white bronco that disrupted my playoff basketball back in the day. I'm still disgruntled. He actually theoretically could get life for armed robbery and kidnap charges amont 8 other things or something like that. OJ getting Caponed?

10. REVIEW! I saw Gossip Girl last night. Not nearly witty as the OC. In fact its fairly miserable. Though the girls (the ones of age) are really hot and all. But do we need a show about rich snobby New Yorkers who can do what they want? The thing about the OC is that it wasn't entirely known about the area and had a pleasant comedic twist to it. It also had Samaire Armstrong whom I think is the greatest. Seriously, I know its creepy but hey I don't take my self serious most of the time. This one isn't nearly as fun nor as witty. The show does keep a hippy lefty dad which I of course relate with but I don't like the show so far.

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Scott said...

Oh please Chris, you're just having another not-quite-quarter-life crisis. And I definitely used to have a public transportation crush. Plus, I don't think we taser enough people.

I am Scott. And I think animals are delicious.